Outkick the Show: Monday, August 12, 2019

On today’s Outkick the Show, Clay Travis discussed the insanity surrounding Antonio Brown in Oakland. “From head to toe, his behavior has been ludicrous,” said Clay, making reference to his issues with the new NFL helmet rules and his injured feet due to not wearing shoes in a cryotherapy chamber in France. According to Travis, AB has taken the diva wide-receiver role to a new level. Jon Gruden and the Oakland Raiders are suffering and must be questioning their investment, while the Pittsburgh Steelers must be enjoying his alarming conduct.

Clay then talked about Cleveland Brown QB Baker Mayfield and how he has become an outlier among NFL quarterbacks in the manner of personal conduct. Rather than following the CEO-like path of Brady and Manning, Brees and Wilson, Mayfield has embraced more of a “rockstar quarterback” modus operandi — much like Joe Namath. “Baker Mayfield is trying to break the paradigm of the NFL quarterback,” said Travis, “and I am skeptical.” 

Clay also covered the controversy hovering over Jeffrey Epstein and his apparent suicide in his jail cell on Sunday. “This is a complete failure of the judicial system,” said Travis. Clay is skeptical because he wasn’t still on suicide watch and his cell was not being monitored on camera. “This demands a thorough investigation.”

Clay Travis commented on the schedule change taking place next season in the NBA. The west coast games will now start earlier because, as Clay predicted, the NBA ratings plummeted after LeBron James relocated to Los Angeles to join the Lakers last season. It is Clay’s opinion that this is a smart and long-overdue move for the NBA.

Clay then went on to address the leadership change at ESPN and Ed Werder’s return after the woke culture was cancelled when Jimmy Pitaro took over as CEO. John Skipper, the former CEO, made countless mistakes and saw ESPN’s ratings tank due to his radical, left-wing slant on sports. “I think this is a solid move for ESPN,” said Travis.

Finally, Clay discussed the hullabaloo surrounding Kelly Bryant and the NCAA championship ring situation that received an incredible amount of media coverage last week. Bryant quit the team after four games last year and didn’t complete Clemson’s championship season. Bryant didn’t get a ring, and it is Clay’s opinion that it was a brave move by Clemson Tiger head coach Dabo Swinney and the public seems to agree.


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