Outkick the Show: Friday, May 22, 2020

On today’s Outkick the Show, Clay Travis shared more positive data with regard to the coronavirus. “If you are under 50, you are more likely to die of the seasonal flu than the coronavirus,” said Travis. Clay continued by discussing Dr. Fauci’s most recent flip flop, where he has now argued on every conceivable side of the coronavirus argument.

Clay Travis also referenced his interview with Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey: “Senator Toomey shared an incredible datapoint: Little Leaguers, kids who are under 14, are 20 times more likely to die of the flu than to die of the coronavirus. Also, studies have shown that young people do not spread the virus to others. There is no reason why we shouldn’t have Little League Baseball right now.”

Clay then commented on the details regarding The Match which will air on Sunday. Said Travis, “Tiger vs. Phil is going on this Sunday, and everybody can only use one club on the 5th hole. That’s going to be pretty awesome to watch. Ultimately it will come down to who’s better between Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, and I think Manning will be better.”

Clay praised Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for the way he has responded to the coronavirus: “Universal Studios in Orlando is opening on June 5th and it won’t be long before Disney World will be open. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has done a fantastic job. Meanwhile, California will open Disneyland in the fall 2038.”

Finally, Clay praised his father for spending his time during the quarantine to get in shape. Said Travis, “My dad is 75. How did he respond to the coronavirus? He is exercising an hour a day and has lost nearly 40 pounds. The best way to combat the coronavirus isn’t to lock yourself inside forever, it is to get your ass in shape. Props to my dad — I love him very much.”

Written by OutKick Support