Outkick the Show: Friday, July 31, 2020

On today’s Outkick the Show, Clay Travis shared the most recent positive and underreported news on the coronavirus front with special attention on the mass return of professional sports in the full month of August.

Clay continued by sharing his approval of the SEC football schedule for 2020, with the all teams choosing to play entirely within their conference for the year.

Clay then shared how the NBA returned with so-so ratings last night. Tucker Carlson’s ratings were far better than the NBA, for instance, as were MLB, and Clay believes the ratings will decline as the season wears on. 

Clay went on to share his thoughts on kneeling for the anthem, and pointed out how the practice of standing rather than kneeling is now the brave choice. Clay praised Charles Barkley for sharing his thoughts on the matter, saying that a person who chooses not to kneel is “not a bad person.”

Clay also gave props to Mike Golic for his finishing his race strong with ESPN. 

Clay then discussed the Boston Bruin’s pathetic move to photoshop out a photo of one of their players with a police logo in the frame. “If you claim to care about black lives, then you also have to care about police officers who are there helping to protect them. The majority of police officers are saving black, white, hispanic, and asian lives every single day.”

Clay also commented on Zion Williamson’s 15 minutes of court-time. “The NBA tried to set things up so that Zion could make the playoffs, but the Pelicans only let him play for 15 minutes. The Pelicans basically made it be known that they have no interest in making the playoffs.”

Finally, Clay Travis mentioned the passing of the infamous Toomer’s Corner tree poisoner at Auburn, Harvey Updyke. “Harvey Updyke, who infamously poisoned Auburn’s trees, has died. When I met him years ago I found him to seemingly be an eminently reasonable and normal person. He wasn’t an awful guy, he just did a really dumb thing. I believe everyone can be redeemed,” said Travis.

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