Outkick the Show: Friday, July 12, 2019

On today’s Outkick the Show, Clay Travis addressed the win by the Houston Rockets in their acquisition of Russell Westbrook while dealing an “aging Chris Paul” to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Clay Travis then mentioned a comment made by Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel while appearing on a recent podcast hosted by Titans offensive tackle Taylor Lewan and former Titans linebacker Will Compton. When asked if Vrabel would cut off his “Dick Cheney” in order to win a Super Bowl, he immediately said he would, and added he has been married for 20 years and doesn’t really need it anyway. Clay thought it was refreshingly funny and rare in today’s politically correct culture.

Clay also discussed a recent move US Senators Amy Klobuchar and Jacky Rosen who want to hold Senate hearings to discuss women’s sports pay. The disparity between the pay for WNBA players and NBA players is one example cited, and Clay called the whole thing ridiculous. “This drives me insane because it’s basic economics,” said Travis. “It’s not complicated — people are paid in proportion to the revenue they produce. The profit they produce. It doesn’t matter if you do the same job as someone else, it matters how much money you make while doing that job.”
Klobuchar and Rosen cited the significant difference in pay between WNBA players and NBA players in their report. “People like the NBA and they spend their money to watch NBA games. This is not the case with the WNBA. The only reason the WNBA exists is because The NBA is willing to lose million of dollars to subsidize the WNBA and keep it afloat. Don’t tell me women make less money playing basketball because of sexism. It’s because most WNBA players don’t have fans, and most WNBA teams don’t have fans either. The only reason the league exists is because the NBA subsidizes it.”

Clay  then put on his lawyer hat and voiced his opinion on the recent decision by an appellate court regarding the legality of President Trump being able to block people on Twitter. The court has said he is not allowed to do it, and this will end up affecting all elected officials. It is Clay’s opinion that Trump and elected officials should be allowed to block people, but the blocked people should still be allowed to read what is being tweeted.

Clay Travis then voiced his support of the Stranger Things series, with a nostalgic appreciation for the amount of detail they’ve given to recreating the 80’s mall experience. “It is absolutely phenomenal,” said Travis.

Finally, Clay Travis pointed to research that supports there is one emotion that overrides all others when making people feel better: gratitude. Clay added how grateful all Americans should be just for the opportunity to live in our great country and enjoy the freedoms that go with it.

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