Outkick the Show: Friday, August 23, 2019

On today’s Outkick the Show, Clay Travis revealed his first gambling picks for the 2019 NCAA football season. Clay took the under in the Florida vs. Miami game and the over in the Arizona at Hawaii game.

Clay then discussed the demise of the NFL preseason, pointing to the disaster in Canada with the Green Bay Packers and Oakland Raiders playing on an 80-yard field with rosters almost entirely consisting of fringe players. Clay also mentioned Cam Newton’s ankle-injury in last night’s exhibition game as another example of why the preseason offers more risk than reward. Clay argued for more teams making the post-season in lieu of preseason games in the NFL.

Clay also talked about New York Giants’ rookie quarterback Daniel Jones and his dominant performance in the preseason despite all of the criticism surrounding him when taken in the first round. 

Clay then commented on the launch of the ACC Network and predicted it will be the last of its kind and will fail miserably. “I believe the ACC Network is launching too late in the decline of the cable and the satellite industry. I think it makes no sense at all and will be the last one launched by ESPN.” Clay believes the ACC should have sold their rights to the ESPN+ digital network and start working on their streaming strategy. 

Clay went on to share how his 8-year old has become an Atlanta Braves fan and last night, when Ronald Acuna Jr. hit a walk-off hit, Clay wondered if he should dent his enthusiasm by informing him of their dismal post-season history. 

Clay concluded his show by mentioning the Zeke Elliott holdout, with Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys offering  him a contract that would have made him the second highest running back in the league. Elliott has declined this offer, said Clay, and Jones should be smart and walk away.

Written by OutKick Support