Outkick the Podcast with Joe Namath

This week I had the good fortune to spend over an hour talking with football legend Joe Namath on our Outkick the podcast. 

It’s a spectacular listen, not because of anything I did, but because Namath was such a scintillating guest.

You can listen to the podcast here. 

Namath talked about his time playing for Alabama’s legendary head coach Bear Bryant — who once lifted him off the ground at practice for not looking him in the eye — and even discussed what it was like to be on campus when George Wallace was standing in front of the schoolhouse door. 

From racial issues in the deep South at a time of cultural conflict, to how he began experimenting with hard liquor to help dull the pain of football injuries, Namath was
completely and totally forthcoming, answering questions with spectacular sound bites and vivid detail.

Whether it’s his guarantee that the Jets would beat the Colts and the reaction of his coach in the days before the Super Bowl or an analysis of his infamous interview with Suzy Kolber on Monday Night Football, Namath spoke honestly in a way that you rarely hear iconic sports stars do.   

He was completely and totally fabulous, giving us his opinion of Johnny Manziel, and discussing how he would have dealt with the attention that came from Twitter and social media. 
As a writer and radio host, it’s rare you get to spend a more exhilarating hour interviewing anyone. 
I hope you’ll take the time, whether you ever watched him play or not, to listen to Outkick’s Joe Namath podcast.
I guarantee you’ll love it.
This is our third podcast, the first two guests were Erin Andrews and Cooper Manning.  

Written by Clay Travis

Clay Travis is an author, radio show host, lawyer, TV analyst, and the founder of OutKick (formerly known as Outkick the Coverage).
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