Outkick the Coverage Draft Day Challenge Week One

We give out gambling picks here every Thursday. 

Well, this season I’m also going to give you a chance to legally win money by proving how much more you know about football than I do. This fall we’ll have a weekly $100,000 fantasy football challenge. Who can build the best team for that amount of money?

We’ll be playing college and pro football games all season long at DraftDay.com

This week to kick off the NFL game we’re playing a pro football game. 

I’m playing under the name ClayTravis and we have two different games to choose from:
1. A FREE NFL football game this Sunday with $100 in prizes. You can play NOW by using this link and drafting a team: https://www.draftday.com/draft-team/nfl/5556252/4/Outkick-The-Coverage/
2. A $15 entry game [http://www.draftday.com/draft-team/nfl/5323772/The-Frenzy/?ADID=OutKick] with $20,000 in prizes. Just add funds to your account by credit card or PayPal. As a bonus for playing higher stakes, use promo code Clay when you deposit and I’ll throw in a free NFL game entry to DraftDay’s NFL Bracket Blitz [https://www.draftday.com/blitz/] with $82,000 in prizes.
If you happen to win first in the Bracket Blitz just think about how many Johnny Manziel autographs you can buy 

Here’s my team: Andrew Luck at quarterback, Eddie Lacy, Chris Johnson and Adrian Peterson at running back, Danny Amendola and Kendall Wright at wide receiver and Matt Bryant at kicker with the Tampa Bay defense.

That all adds up to $99,650.

See if you can beat me.  


Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.