Outkick’s Going On The Road

As many of you know Clay wrote a book seven years ago called “Dixieland Delight.” It was a huge success. The one thing many people don’t realize is how different the SEC game day experience is between males and females. We won’t sleep in cars, prefer not to sleep in highly questionable motels, have to coordinate tailgates since everyone cannot survive on beer alone, and make the difficult decision on what to wear. While I wouldn’t trade being a girl from an SEC school for anything, it’s work.

Clay and I talked this summer about how to detail the SEC game day experience from a female perspective. We decided I needed to hit the road. Since Texas A&M and Missouri have been added to the conference it is impossible to visit every school in one season. This season is unique though because none of us know exactly what to expect with the new playoff committee and format. We’re saying BYE FELICIA to the BCS! So I’m going on the road to cover games that could have major implications on the CFB Playoffs. This does not necessarily mean only SEC games.

What does this mean? Well, at each “stop” along the OKTC Game Day Tour there will be a fraternity hosting me to make sure we capture the ENTIRE game weekend experience. Our campus reps will also be a part of the weekend. Boutiques are submitting game day outfits that OKTC readers will get to vote on, which is terrifying for me, I know.

Do you want to have your tailgate possibly featured on OKTC?

Want to donate out of the goodness of your heart a ticket to me for said game?

Is there a tradition we MUST participate in while in town?

Would your fraternity and/or sorority want to host us for a weekend?

Send an email: cippywallace@gmail.com , tweet me @MattieLouOKTC , or leave an Instagram comment @MattieLouOKTC and we’ll try and make it happen!

Every Monday we’ll have a recap of my weekend and let you all know where we are headed next. During the weekend, I’ll be tweeting and posting on Instagram for you all to follow along. Unlike Clay, I’m not a racist gay Muslim, so come say hey! I’m expecting big things from all of you, so let’s get loose and conversational.

First Stop: Alabama vs. Ole Miss

OKTC is heading to The Grove for what is sure to be the biggest weekend there since anyone can remember. While my beloved Crimson Tide is playing, this weekend is all about Oxford, everything the town has to offer, and the party they won’t be losing. I’ve been told it’s a “Navy Game,” which is why two of the outfits for voting are Navy. Yes, I won’t be wearing my alma maters colors. I’ll survive, maybe. The sweet boys of Sigma Nu will be our hosts for the weekend, and we’re hoping legendary Oxford resident Wright Thompson will be an honorary host. We have a few tailgates that we will be gracing with our presence and some appearances by some current and former Ole Miss athletes, but let us know where yours is and we’ll try and make it happen! Have playlist suggestions for my drive from Texas? Send ’em. Trying to sell tickets? We need one! Our scalping skills aren’t nearly on Clay’s level. Pink and Proper, an Oxford boutique, have graciously offered to sponsor my game day outfit. Below are the 3 options, let me know what I should wear for my epic Saturday in The Grove. 

Option 1:

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Option 2:

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Option 3:

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Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.