Outkick’s Gambling Picks For Week 7 2016

Aug 31, 2013; Knoxville, TN, USA; Tennessee Volunteers head coach Butch Jones runs through the T at the start of the game against the Austin Peay Governors at Neyland Stadium. Tennessee won 45 to nothing. Mandatory Credit: Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports Randy Sartin USA TODAY Sports

Hate to brag, but last week we were almost perfect, posting an outstanding 6-1 record, with one push in the Tennessee-Texas A&M game and a late addition that covered with ease, the under in Virginia Tech at UNC. The only game we lost — Bama at Arkansas. 

Damn you, Razorbacks!

I had two different parlays that would have cashed for $10k if Arkansas had just covered against Alabama.

But they didn’t.


The positive result?

The picks are back on track, baby, we’re now 37-29 on the year and we’re swimming in cash.

And, good news, I absolutely love a ton of games this weekend.

Yep, we’re going 10-0.

So here we go, time to get rich #shootersshoot #dbap 

Duke at Louisville, the over 71.5

There are only three certainties in this life: death, taxes, and Louisville hitting the over in 2016. 

This game might feature the two best offensive minds in college football — Bobby Petrino and David Cutcliffe. 

And here’s the deal, Louisville is scoring fifty points. Just write that in blood. So all you need Duke to do is score 22 points and you’ve got your cover. Plus, Louisville just might score sixty points, in which case you only need Duke to score 12.

You know how if a group of hot chicks is going out the hot chicks always look better because they don’t want to get shown up? This game is like that, David Cutcliffe is putting on his nicest skirt and heels and he’s working that ass up and down the sidewalk. Yep, his best offensive plays are coming out because he doesn’t want to get shown up by Bobby Petrino. 

And because I’m a nice guy, I’m going to go ahead and tell you exactly what happens in this game — Louisville beats Duke 59-21.

That’s eighty points.

Which, last I checked, is more than 71.5.


Virginia Tech -19.5 at Syracuse

Since its loss to Tennessee Virginia Tech has won by 49, 37, and 31 points. Now its playing Syracuse, which has lost its two ACC games by 19 and 34. 

This is just too easy 

The Hokies win 42-14. 

Mizzou at Florida, the under 50.5

Assuming its not too hot to play and the Florida Gator team isn’t too worried about sunburns, the Gators will return to the field this weekend against Mizzou. Conveniently, all the players that wouldn’t have played against LSU, including quarterback Luke Del Rio, are now healthy. 

Amazing how that worked out. 

Last time the Tigers went on the road they got demolished by LSU. Seriously, we haven’t seen a beating this bad since eight lying protesters killed the University of Missouri. This time Mizzou’s going to go on the road and I don’t think they’ll get demolished because I don’t think the Gator offense is that good, but they will lose 24-13.

Meaning the under hits with ease.

This game is a safe space for you if you take the under.  

Iowa State at Texas, the over 69

Texas is going to score at least forty and give up thirty, rinse and repeat.

Seriously any over/under in a Texas game that is under seventy I’m taking.

So get rich on this one too.

It’s just too easy. (The Cyclone offense has also come alive the past two weeks). 

West Virginia at Texas Tech, the over 83

I honestly think Kliff Kingsbury and Dana Holgorsen have been texting each other this week saying the first person to sixty wins. (They’ve also been sending naked pictures of hot girls too, but mostly they’ve been bragging about how many points they’re going to score). 

Both of these teams are hitting 45. 

If you can get overs in Big 12 games, you bet overs. 

Especially when it’s two coaches who don’t even worry about defense. 

Alabama at Tennessee +13 and the over 57

Last year Tennessee went on the road and led Alabama in the fourth quarter. This year Tennessee is better and at home and this line is way too high. I’m not sure Tennessee will win, but I’m pretty convinced they’ll score at least 30 on Alabama. I think Bama scores at least 30 on Tennessee too so the over is a done deal. 

Tennessee was achingly close to beating A&M and rolling into this game playing with house money. Instead, thanks to the cowardly move by the Florida Gators not to play LSU, this game can put Tennessee a game behind the Gators in the SEC East loss column.

A part of me thinks the Vols win 35-31, but I just can’t bet the money line on Butch Jones and Bob Shoop to beat Nick Saban and Lane Kiffin.

The last two years Butch Jones has quietly narrowed the gap with the Tide, turning what had been regular Bama beatdowns into a 14 point loss and a five point loss.

This one is even closer. And if I were a Bama fan, I’d be nervous.   

FYI, I’ll be in Knoxville and will Tweet out where I am if Outkick fans want to come by and say hi. 

Ole Miss at Arkansas, the over 66

This game is going to be a total shootout. The Razorbacks are throwing the ball all over the field and you know that Chad Kelly, if he manages not to get arrested over the next couple of days, is going to roll into Fayetteville and say one thing in the huddle to his receivers over and over again — “Go deep, motherfuckers.”

The result?

Points raining down on the field faster than the tears of triggered Vandy students when you use the wrong pronoun to address them. 

Vandy at Georgia, the under 42.5

Look, Vanderbilt is a sad sack shit of an excuse for a football team. 

But you know they aren’t going to score any points in an SEC game. So far they’ve gone for 10, 6, and 13. 

That’s a pretty decent trend. So pencil Vandy in for 10 points. 

That means Georgia has to score 33 to cover the number here. But that’s not going to happen because the one saving grace on the field for Vandy so far is their defense is decent. The Dores have given up 13, 13, and 20 points in SEC games so far this year. So let’s give Georgia ten more points than Vandy has been averaging giving up and you’re still just at 25.  

Add that to Vandy’s ten points and we’re still over a touchdown under the number. 

Bang, you win. 

Ohio State at Wisconsin +10

You know which team scored the most points so far on Wisconsin this year? Georgia State. They scored 17.

Now Ohio State is rolling into town and the Buckeyes have scored at least 38 in every game.

So the big question here is this, what style of game is going to be played? My bet is that Wisconsin, which had a bye week to get ready for this game, can take the air out of the football. If they do that, then ten points is an awful lot of points to give a home underdog in a low scoring game.

So I’m on the Badgers.

Get rich, kids, we’re going 10-0! 

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.