Outkick Readers Vote on VP Debate Winner

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That was calm, telling, and at times, informative.

The biggest takeaway from the night is that Kamala Harris has refused to answer if Joe Biden would pack the court if he wins in November.

Halfway through, we asked Outkick readers who was winning the vice presidential debate: Vice President Mike Pence or Kamala Harris?

Pence, overwhelmingly, took the win.

Did Pence hold on?

Vote now below:

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  1. It’s funny to watch media headlines saying it was a “close one” or “hotly contested” when Mike Pence absolutely wrecked Harris. He was cool, calm, clear, didn’t stumble, and elaborated on every question he was asked until he ran out of time. Dude was ready for this. The only reason he didn’t answer the Indiana abortion question was because he wasn’t quite finished destroying Harris’ last ridiculous lie on Trump hating the military. His answer would have been quite clear since he’s openly pro life.

    I thought this was one of the most lopsided debates I have seen in a long long time. Pence came across as a very strong, confident, smart, leader we probably all would like to see as President, while Harris was repeating scare tactic talking points and had little substance. She came across as a fake, condescending, “politician” who’s easily rattled by anyone questioning her credentials or counterpunching her points.

    Also, the most glaring dodge of a question all night was the last one with Harris. She couldn’t answer the 8th graders simple question of why can’t you politicians get along? She totally dodged it, leaving me more worried that it’ll get worse, while Pence answered it straightforwardly. That one question at the end summarized the whole blowout. Pence 35 Harris 7

  2. Harris is the candidate of the Lowest Common Denominator. Just listen to her talking points. Pence comes across cool as a cucumber, informed amd ready for action. It was an intellectual beat down the likes of which hasn’t been seen in a very long time. An adult was debating a teenager.

  3. Most everyone on here is moderate/center, right of center, or libertarian. Not surprised Pence was voted as a runaway winner of the debate. I think they both held up ok. No one shit the bed. Not sure any minds were changed. I’d give the edge to Pence though, he seemed relaxed and ready and Harris brought up many easily debunkable statements such as the Charlottesville misquotes.

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