Clay Travis: Positive Data On Omicron Could Help End COVID Insanity

Health issues resulting from the so-called Omicron variant of COVID reportedly aren't as severe as those resulting from the Delta variant, so maybe this insanity can end, says OutKick founder Clay Travis.

"It appears that Omicron, the South African variant that may or may not have come out of South Africa that everybody was terrified of in the last couple of weeks ... the good news is, it appears that it is a milder form of COVID than the other (variants) that have already existed," Clay said.

Of course, perhaps this isn't great news for everybody.

"Bad news for those of you that are already double-vaxxed? 80% of the people testing positive for Omicron are double-vaccinated," Clay said. "The positive is -- we talk a lot about mutations of all these viruses -- the reality is most viruses over time, mutate to become less dangerous. ... That appears to be what's occurring with Omicron."

For Clay's full take and sharing of the latest Omicron data, checking out the video below.

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