Outkick Gear Contest Winner

This spring we instituted our first Outkick the Coverage gear photo contest. You send us pictures wearing Outkick gear, we give you cash. It’s our way of giving back to you guys for being so supportive of the site. We’ll keep the contest rolling on a monthly basis, cash prizes for the best pictures of our gear that you Tweet, email, or pass along on Facebook. Basically, if you get us the picture, and it’s entertaining, creative, sexy, the opposite of sexy, whatever you can do to make me think, “We have to put that picture up,” then you win money.

So congrats to our winner, who requested that her name not be put on the website, but we thank her all the same.   

She told me she’s trying to make the underboob happen. It’s a bold quest. 

You can buy Outkick gear here.

In other important news that I’m going to bold because it matters so much:

We’re also continuing to expand our outreach on writing for the site.

As Outkick has continued to grow, I’ve given you guys the opportunity to write for the site. Right now we’re in the process of transitioning to the Foxsports.com servers. As a result the Bullpen is presently down for submitting articles there, but we’re still paying writers. All you need to do is write your column and email it to lorioktc@gmail.com. She’s the editor. You can email me, but I won’t read it, I’ll just forward it to her and let her make the decision about whether or not it goes up. 

If Lori likes it, your article could be up by the end of the day.

Don’t query us with ideas, just write. You can write anything, it can deal with sports or non-sports, you can be a man, woman or a gay Muslim. It doesn’t matter. We just want smart, original and funny articles. What we don’t want is anything you could ever read in a newspaper.

Think creatively.

Entertain us.

You read the site, you know what you like to read, write stories that we’ll enjoy.   

We’ve gotten a lot of great submissions, but we need more. 

Where else can you get paid for a large audience without needing anything other than an email address?

I don’t know of anywhere.  

So come up with an idea, write it, and send it along to lorioktc@gmail.com

Here’s the deal too, as we’re growing, I’m contemplating bringing on full-time writers. But in order to be a full-time Outkick writer, you have to demonstrate that you can write multiple times a week in an entertaining fashion. So far, no one has done that. If you can do it, there’s a good chance I’ll hire you.  

In other news, for those of you who are “Game of Thrones,” fans, I’ll be debuting a “Game of Thrones,” column for every Monday on Outkick. If you aren’t “Game of Thrones,” fans then take the rest of the week off school or work and catch up in advance of Sunday’s season debut. Otherwise you’ll just feel left out. 

And you’re also wasting your life. 



Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.