Outkick Gambling Picks For Week 2 2018

Hate to brag, but we went 10-4 in week one, for a robust 71% winning percentage, including two blood bank guarantee winners.

Tap the veins, baby, we’re all rich.

This is what happens when you don’t respect the picks, you get dunked on.


Scottie Pippen on Patrick Ewing style, all balls in the face begging for oxygen style.

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The weekly Outkick picks are presented by SportsBookReview.com, which features the best one stop shop to compare prices on games anywhere on the Internet. The site will also let you know which side all the betting action is on, which is a pretty phenomenal resource as well.

So here we go with the Outkick picks presented by SportsBookReview.

Mississippi State -8.5 at Kansas State, now Mississippi State -9.5

Joe Moorhead is the truth.

The man is going to score points come hell, high water, or an 853 year old head coach on the other sideline who might be the greatest living coach relative to past performance at the program he coaches now. (That’s a long way of saying Bill Snyder is really good.)

Nick Fitzgerald is back from a suspension and I think the State is poised to be one of the top teams in the SEC this year.

What did opening weekend of college football tell us? The SEC is really good at football!

So look out Kansas State, I think this game gets out of hand early and State romps on the road.

UCLA at Oklahoma -28.5, now Oklahoma -30

Chip Kelly will eventually make UCLA football great again.

But it ain’t going to be this season.

Fresh off a loss to Cincinnati, UCLA isn’t going to show up in Norman and get healthy.

I love this Oklahoma offense under Lincoln Riley and think it gets ugly for UCLA. What’s more, I think the Oklahoma defense is much improved and will stifle this UCLA attack.

The result, another Oklahoma blowout.

Kansas at Central Michigan -6.5, now Central Michigan -4.5

Here’s the deal, Kansas just lost to Nicholls State at home and none of you can even tell me which state Nicholls State is in. Now the Jayhawks are going on the road against Central Michigan.

I am going to bet on Kansas to lose by a touchdown or more on the road to every opponent they have this season.

The fact that the line has moved against me makes me even more confident here because my eyes do not deceive me, Kansas is AWFUL.

Central Michigan wins by double digits and everyone who bet on Kansas will look dumber than the Nike executives who signed off on millions of dollars for Colin Kaepernick.

Ka-chow. (My kids watch Cars a lot).

Memphis -4.5 at Navy and the over 70.5, now Memphis -6.5 and 70

When Memphis head coach Mike Norvell plays non power-5 conference opponents here are some scoring totals for you: 70, 66, 41, 55, 56, 42 last season at the end of the year and 66 to start the season this year, including 56 in the first half.

Meanwhile Navy gave up 59 points and 428 yards passing to Hawaii while also scoring 41 themselves.

I see this game as a total track meet with both teams scoring at least 35. I’m no genius — well, honestly, I might be — but I know 35 and 35 is 70 and that this game can’t end in a tie.

So tap the veins, baby, our blood bank guarantee this week is the over in Memphis at Navy.

I also like Memphis to win by a touchdown or more. As you can see this line has moved quite a bit in our favor since I posted the picks on the VIP message board on Monday. You should have signed up. 

Arkansas State at Alabama -36.5, now -36.5

I’m going to bet on the Tide to cover every week. Because I think this Tua offense makes that a virtual certainty no matter who the opponent is.

Honestly, there’s not much else to say here.

Aloha, bitches, the Tide rolls by forty or more.

Clemson at Texas A&M +12.5, now Texas A&M +12

There are only three truly tough road environments in the ACC — Virginia Tech, Florida State, and Clemson. Everyone else is a pale approximation of major SEC road games. This means even though Clemson is a stud program with a stud coach and stud players they aren’t that used to big time road environments. Hell, we even saw that last year when Syracuse put a beating on the Tigers on a Thursday night.

Clemson is taking two quarterbacks on the road to Texas A&M to play against a coach, Jimbo Fisher, who has prepared his old Florida State teams for Clemson every year for the past eight seasons. This is a guy who knows Clemson, and their coach, really, really well.

Nothing is going to surprise him about Clemson.

This game reminds me a little bit of Clemson going on the road against Auburn in 2016 when the Tigers won a close game and Auburn was throwing into the end zone looking for a tie late.

I think Jimbo will have the Aggies ready and this will be a single digit game.

Meaning I’m rolling with the Aggies and covering with ease.

Wyoming at Mizzou -16.5, now Mizzou -18

Last week Wyoming gave up 41 points to Washington State and was exposed in the passing game. This week they are going on the road against a much better passer, Drew Lock, and a more athletic team in Mizzou.

I think this game could get ugly.

Josh Allen ain’t walking through that door, Wyoming.

Drew Lock throws five touchdown passes and Mizzou wins by three touchdowns or more.

Georgia at South Carolina +9.5 and the under 53.5, now South Carolina +10 and 56

Taking South Carolina and the under here here is essentially a bet on the two coaches, Will Muschamp and Kirby Smart, who both know each other really well.

Since Kirby Smart and Will Muschamp have coached against each other, Georgia has won 24-10 and 28-14. Both of these scores are well under the current numbers for this game.

It’s certainly possible that the two sides, both with good quarterbacks, come out gunning it down the field against each other, but I think it’s more likely this game settles into a defensive struggle and Georgia ends up winning something like 21-13.

I really like the Gamecocks and the under here.

Maryland at Bowling Green over 66, now 65.5

Maryland hung 34 on Texas last week and in its last seven games Bowling Green has given up 48, 48, 44, 38, 66, 34 and 58.

That’s an average of 48 points they’ve given up a game.

So I feel good about Maryland getting fifty points. The next question is, can Bowling Green get us 17 points? Which is the equivalent of asking, do SEC girls look good in sundresses at tailgates?

The over hits with ease.

Arkansas at Colorado State the over 66.5, now 70

Colorado State’s defense is as effective as Costa Rica’s army. (Hint: Costa Rica has no army).

So far Colorado State has given up 45 and 43 points to mediocre opponents.

Meanwhile Arkansas is going to run up and down the field as much as they can under new coach Chad Morris and the Razorbacks somehow managed to give up twenty points to Eastern Illinois.

What’s that mean for the game in Colorado State?

No defenses and points aplenty, kids.

The over’s the play.

12-0, baby!

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Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.