Outkick Dunks On CNN and Boobs Baldwin On New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year! Last night Outkick dunked on CNN so hard Brooke Baldwin is still in concussion protocol. Here’s that full video to watch and then I’ll explain how it happened.

So last night I’m living the wild life in the Outkick Mansion hanging out all by myself on New Year’s Eve because my wife and kids are still up in Michigan and I’ve got the radio show to do early this morning. (Thanks to all of you who were up early and listened this morning).

And around ten eastern my phone blows up with a bunch of you sending me videos of CNN’s New Year’s Eve celebration, which featured people smoking pot live on air in Colorado and our good friend Brooke Boobs Baldwin and Don Lemon live in a New Orleans bar.

Now I don’t care about smoking pot — I’m all for legalizing and taxing drugs which can’t kill you like weed, as well as taxing and legalizing gambling and prostitution — but I do find it amazing that CNN can claim that me saying I loved the first amendment and boobs is unacceptable and I’m banned from the network forever and then they’ve got reporters holding joints and bong gas masks live on air.

What kind of consistent editorial standard is that?

Here’s my CNN interview that sent Boobs Baldwin into a tailspin if you haven’t seen it and got me banned from CNN.

And here’s my column pointing out how much of CNN’s reaction, driven by fake outrage from Boobs Baldwin, was total bullshit.

Now, again, I don’t care if CNN wants to show people smoking pot live on air, but if your standard is the word boobs should be unacceptable to say you like on air, shouldn’t you not allow people to commit actual federal criminal law violations live on your airwaves?

I mean, in theory the federal government, which has not legalized marijuana even if some states have, could have raided this party live on the air and arrested everyone at CNN and everyone at the party too. (If Donald Trump really wanted revenge on CNN how incredible would that have been to see on live TV?) That’s because federal law still trumps state law in regards to drug use and all of these people could have been charged and prosecuted with a variety of federal offenses.

So several of you send me the clip of CNN with the bongs and joints and I happened to retweet one of those which was from ESPN personality, Pablo Torre, and when I retweeted that clip Torre blocked me on Twitter.

For retweeting a video he posted?

Seriously, how much of pussies are left wing ESPN employees these days?

At least ESPN hasn’t given that dude a TV show…wait.

But were were only just getting started.

Shortly thereafter Baldwin was alongside Don Lemon in a New Orleans bar and she said her balls were bigger than Don Lemon’s.

Which is, you know, pretty much the exact same situation that we were in when I went on her show. I made a humorous statement about liking the first amendment and boobs to a woman and she made a humorous statement about having bigger balls than a man.

If one is acceptable the other has to be acceptable too, right?

Except, you know, CNN banned me for what I said and she railed about the inappropriateness of the comment in a pearl clutching bullshit CNN op ed she wrote.

Quoth that column:

“I’ve been a journalist for 17 years — the past seven spent at CNN hosting a live show. I’ve seen and heard some things. But when I first heard “boobs” from a grown man on national television (in 2017!!!) my initial thought bubble was: “Did I hear that correctly?? There’s no WAY he just came on my show and said what I think he said. … DID HE?” And I let it hang.”

I just couldn’t let this go.
So I jumped back in and spelled it out like a fourth-grade boy: “b-double-o-b-s?!”
Yes. “Boobs.” He eventually confirmed: “boobs.” Almost proud, smirking.
I quickly felt myself turning red — getting irritated and angry. My mind was racing. My face, I could tell, was incredulous. In the thick of it all, I could see my other guest, Keith Reed, was equally aghast.
The newsroom around me fell silent. I was staring into the camera trying to make sense of what was unfolding on live television. I even caught my cameraman Jay’s eyes in disbelief. I thought again: “It is 2017, and this grown man is on my show talking with me — a female host — about boobs. Is this seriously happening?”
So if saying the word boobs to a woman on live TV in 2017 is so unacceptable that it rocks your world how is saying you have bigger balls than a man on live TV in 2017 acceptable? (By the way, can you imagine if I’d said I had bigger boobs than Boobs Baldwin? And I might, my man boobs are pushing a b cup on a good/bad day.)
Now, for the record, I think both things are perfectly fine to say, but you can’t grasp your pearls and fall onto your fainting couch one day over the use of the word boobs and then talk about big balls the next and not think people are going to call you on your bullshit.

So I took aim at Boobs Baldwin on Twitter.

Then Baldwin asked Lemon if they should start talking to people in the bar and I had a brilliant idea.

Wait, I thought, they are in New Orleans and they publicly broadcast the bar they were at as well. There are tens of thousands of Outkick readers and Twitter followers in New Orleans right now for the Clemson-Alabama game. Why don’t I go on Twitter and try to get Outkick fans to take over CNN tonight and say they love boobs right to Boobs Baldwin’s face all over again?

So I sent out this Tweet.

And then I thought, you know what, many Outkick women also loved my first amendment and boobs line on CNN and believed Boobs Baldwin was full of shit with her overreaction as well so why not offer double to get a woman to tell Baldwin to her face that she also loved boobs?

So I sent out this Tweet doubling the offer to $20k if a woman said it live on the air:

Then I sat back to see if anyone at Outkick could pull off the revenge.

And, less than an hour later, this happened.

And I’m going to be honest with y’all, the moment I saw this couple on live TV I was thinking, “This could be us!” I literally stood up from my couch when the girl said she was from Atlanta because Outkick absolutely owns the demo of couples in their 20’s and 30’s who graduated from college in the South.

But when the proposal happened and the girl grabbed the mic, my jaw just dropped.

Because it was absolutely perfect.

I could not have scripted this any better if I’d been trying.

In the most brilliant, genius and deceptive move in Outkick history, a married couple faked a marriage proposal because they knew CNN would put them on live TV doing it and then they dunked on Boobs Baldwin so hard I think they put her in concussion protocol for the rest of the night.

I mean, look at the husband pop up and get an “Outkick, baby!,” in there at the end too.

Just pure genius.

You can tell this couple how brilliant they are on Twitter here:

One of the reasons I love Twitter is that I can have an idea to ridicule CNN based on their absurd hypocrisy, toss out the idea on Twitter, and within an hour you guys in the Outkick Army can make it happen.

I love all of you.

But that wasn’t all, CNN then put the video up on their website as a real marriage proposal! And they edited out the boobs part. And it’s still up there this morning despite all the clear evidence that they got dunked on live on their own airwaves.

This is the very definition of fake news!

Here’s the video on CNN right now.

CNN got completely trolled here by Outkick and is either so dumb or dishonest, potentially both, that they are still, over 11 hours after it happened, running a fake news headline and video citing themselves as the source:

“CNN captures New Year’s Eve marriage proposal
New Year’s Eve Live 2018

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon help a couple get engaged in New Orleans. Source: CNN”

Here’s the screenshot in the event they ever manage to take down the fake news off their website.

Seriously, I don’t know of a way we could have ended 2017 better than what we all pulled off last night.

I love all of you at Outkick and the check for $20k is in the mail to our brilliant couple. (They will also be on the Outkick radio show tomorrow morning at 820 am et discussing their brilliant ruse.)

The lesson to CNN, and everyone else out there too, should be clear for 2018: don’t fuck with Outkick.

Because unlike virtually everyone else in media today we don’t pull punches and you’re going to lose.


Further, let’s make 2018 the year of boobs on CNN. For every Outkick crew member who gets on CNN and says you love boobs, I give you $1k. If you get on and say you love boobs on Baldwin’s show, I give you $2k. And if Donald Trump goes on CNN and says he loves boobs then I promise to raise $10 million for his reelection campaign.

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.