Outkick Crushes MSESPN On Fox News; MSESPN Fires Back

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Yesterday I did TV hits on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show, CNN and Headline News, not to mention dozens of radio shows all over the country. All of these hits related to Outkick breaking the news that MSESPN had removed Robert Lee from a University of Virginia football game because his name was too similar to Robert E. Lee. It has been a spectacular week at Outkick, especially because we started off the week with hundreds of you subscribing to Outkick VIP. Which, if you haven’t done it, go do it. (Bonus, you get a free shirt!)

If you haven’t watched last night’s interview on Fox News with Tucker Carlson I’d encourage you to watch the entire segment here:

Here’s a shorter version of that TV hit:

Here’s me on CNN earlier in the day:

Not surprisingly, after I treated MSESPN like the Night King treated the dragon in Game of Thrones, MSESPN attempted to fire back. President John Skipper said I had intentionally hijacked their idiotic decision to move an Asian guy named Robert Lee off a football game with my “personal agenda.” This is blame shifting of a breathtaking degree. Wait, it’s my fault ESPN is run by idiots who didn’t realize how dumb it was to move a guy from calling a game because his name is similar to a Confederate general who has been dead for 147 years?

But, of course, that wasn’t enough, ESPN also pitched a hit piece on me at a far left website called The Daily Beast. (I’m using their graphic above because I actually like it.) In a 5400 word piece, 5400!, ESPN was lauded as a totally nonpartisan company and I was called the Alex Jones of sports media. It’s a total joke of an article, but I’d  still encourage all of you to go read it because it’s emblematic of how old school, dishonest media works, they peddle negative information to “independent” sites until those sites agree to do their bidding.

MSESPN wants to label me a far right political loony bin member in an effort to delegitimize me. Now I’ve never even watched an Alex Jones show and I don’t begrudge any of you who have right wing opinions or enjoy his content — I’m a First Amendment absolutist — but it speaks to how desperate the left wing media is that they have to immediately peg anyone who is anything other than far left wing as a member of the alt right. How many far right wingers do you know who are pro-choice, anti the death penalty and has never voted for a Republican in his life? So far my presidential votes have gone for Gore, Kerry, Obama, Obama, and Gary Johnson.

Moreover, even if I was far right wing politically, that wouldn’t mean ESPN isn’t liberal.

Do you see how there’s no connection here at all? Yet that’s the entire focus of the article. It’s incredible.

Unlike most people in media I tell you exactly what a believe. And honestly, my life isn’t that exciting. I’m a married guy with three young kids who spends his time like most married guys with three young kids do — trying to get my wife to sleep with him more often than she actually does and trying keep his kids from crying and fighting as often as they do.

My life’s an open book and, as I say all the time, I’m a radical moderate. That means I believe both the far left and the far right are bad for the country. Many of you have those same opinions; some of you disagree with me, that’s fine. I’m as honest with you guys as I can possibly be every single day on this website, my radio show, and my daily Periscope and Facebook shows.

So I’m up front and authentic with all of you. ESPN is not. ESPN is a left wing sports company. If they just admitted it, fine. But they are trying to argue they are completely unbiased and I’m the biased one. Yet you guys aren’t dumb. From Michael Sam to Caitlyn Jenner to Colin Kaepernick to apologizing for a fantasy football draft to firing Doug Adler for using the phrase “guerilla effect” to firing Curt Schilling for his personal political opinions to moving a guy off a football game because he shares a name with a long dead Confederate general, ESPN’s a liberal organization.

What do they offset this rampant liberalism with? Hiring Hank Williams, Jr., who they previously fired for his political opinions, so he can sing a song for two minutes 15 times a year? They seriously think that’s even treatment.

It’s a joke.

Look, I don’t have a problem with politics in sports, I have a problem with only having left wing politics in sports and trying to shove it down viewers throats all while proclaiming that you’re completely unbiased. It’s bullshit. You guys see it, I see it, we all see it. Even ESPN’s own employees see it, which is why they leaked the network’s decision to move Robert Lee off a Virginia football game. Many of ESPN’s employees are great, they know their company is being run by left wing idiots.

This week more people than ever before have seen it too.

Seriously, Outkick has never had a better week.

So go subscribe to Outkick VIP and buy up all these MSESPN shirts. We have VIP events already scheduled in Atlanta and Nashville in the next couple of months. Only VIP members are able to attend.

And, as always, thanks for being great Americans and supporting Outkick instead of those losers at ESPN.

Now I gotta go take my two year old out to lunch. It’s a Daddy Day.

Written by Clay Travis

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