Outkick Bets: Week 18 NFL Teaser

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The NFL Playoffs are near but there is still one week of seed-juggling to get through. We have several massive spreads and teams still with playoff hopes. The drama begins Saturday afternoon and that’s where we will start. Folks, we got a fascinating four-team teaser that I think makes a lot of sense.

First, a brief disclaimer: I love a few of the huge spreads this weekend. Those can be scary because apparently all of these guys are professionals. I am on these spreads individually. Also I want to grab a few points and make some plus-money while we are at it. Saturday’s first game is the Kansas City Chiefs sitting right now at -11.5 on the road at Denver. Mahomes has never lost to the Broncos (8-0), the team overall has won twelve straight against their rival. How about this? Seven of the previously mentioned 12 wins have been by double-digits AND 10 have covered the spread. Don’t like the 11.5? Boom, we got it down to 6.5 here.

Next up is a couple 1p ET games. The Titans sit at -10 at Houston. In our scenario, and in all likelihood, the Chiefs win on Saturday will force full effort from Tennessee. That effort will wrap up that very important singular off week to help the return of the King Derrick Henry. Houston won their previous meeting but Ryan Tannehill threw it 52 times before. THAT. WILL. NOT. HAPPEN. AGAIN. The Titans are the most committed team to running the ball. The Texans have allowed the most rushing yards and 2nd most rushing touchdowns in the League. Revenge, the number one seed, and overall matchup leads us to another win. Plus we just got this number at -4.

The Colts are up next and at -15.5 it’s the largest spread in their favor in franchise history. It’s an intimidating number , but the Colts need this game to get into the playoffs. It also helps their opponent is the Jacksonville Jaguars. Remember the team that most recently was seen giving up 50 points to the Patriots? The Jaguars, I believe, are the only team that has legitimately quit on the season. This teaser has gotten this number down a neat and tidy -9.5. Tell me these Jags don’t lose by double-digits to you and me right now.

Finally, the nightcap is the Chargers -3 @ the Raiders. If things have gone the way we are projecting, this is a play-in game. The Chargers are by far the more balanced of the two teams. Derek Carr has been really good statistically but Justin Herbert has been better. He’s tossed more touchdowns, fewer interceptions and has a fuller team around him. We now get them Chargers +3. Relax, friends. This super realistic, expected set of dubs will gather us a +240 return. It’s not an insane ROI, but it will ease some of the fears you may have about the wide spreads. I’m on it all anyway pals!

Written by Arky Shea

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