Outkick Bets: The Hottest Scoring Conference in College Football

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A new week of games will be here before we know it (TOMORROW) and there are many things we have learned so far. Everyone is vulnerable, Lane Kiffin is safe and there is one conference in college football that has actually performed really well scoring. One conference has fared better than them all and it might be surprising to read.

Meticulous is one way to describe me. I am always looking for an edge and sometimes it sends me down weird rabbit holes. Some of these holes make me question the narratives tossed around the sports world and here is a big fat one: who scores the most?

Not teams, that’s easy and makes me no real money by itself. Those numbers also get junked up with poor G5 games and FCS lettuce games. What separates in these times is finding out who actually scores in the real games and now!

Pop quiz: which conference is known for scoring and would you assume does all of this pretty new-fangled offense? The SEC? The Mountain West? The PAC-12? Watch this:

BIG 1225-21-154.3
SUN BELT25-23-152.0
MOUNTAIN WEST24-37-139.5
BIG TEN25-4137.87

See what I mean? The narratives don’t always fit. Even the offense-heavy BIG 12 is only going over 54.3% and that involves ALL GAMES and that number says it’s hardly automatic for your betting. The closest is the upstart, quirky American Athletic Conference. It turns out 59.3% of their games have gone over and yes, that includes all their games but further inspection reveals an even hotter little engine. In the last three weeks of play, as much conference vs. conference action as we have, the OVER is 11-5 (68.8%). Now we are talking my language.

This is why I dig. If you would have just blindly remembered what you thought you knew, the MAC, PAC-12 and Mountain West would all be atop your scoring memories. It turns out, at least thus far in 2021, that’s not the case. It’s items like these that not only win us some money, but save us from cash from making dumb bets.

Written by Arky Shea

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