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This weekend we are going to try something a little different, we are going with the Sunday teaser. On FanDuel, this 5-team teaser will pay out at +333 and it’s just worth my time because this weekend’s schedule and lines are a little tight and wonky for my liking, so let’s go for the tease.

All of these kicks, except one, will be a noon kickoff (central). I’ll start with the Cowboys, right now at -10.5 and we can get that at -4.5 and I like that a whole lot more . Dallas whooped up on Washington (like they should have) but didn’t put their foot on the opponent’s throat like we’d like to see from a team with Super Bowl hopes so that’s why my faith isn’t high in that big spread. Daniel Jones will sit again so yes, I should hope the Cowboys roll.

Next is the Titans at +1 That gets teased to +7 and now we are cooking. I think they Titans win outright so we shouldn’t have to worry too much with this one. Mike Vrabel is a hoss on the road and as a slight favorite or underdog. They are also slowly returning to full health. The Steelers are something. I don’t know what it is, but what it ain’t is reliable. Big Ben plays amazing when he gets down five touchdowns. He won’t be in this game so expect elderly Ben a lot.

We’ll tease the Jaguars next from -4.5 to +1 .5. Again, this is a game I full expect the Jaguars to win for fairly obvious reasons: the wicked goblin of the Midwest is gone and when that happened, everyone had to be over the moon. The Jaguars are at home and will give a full-throttle effort for at least one game while their opponent is the perfect one to exorcise some season-long demons upon. Houston is fighting for a great draft pick, not wins.

Let’s then tease the Cardinals from -12.5to -6.5. Who knows why Arizona is undefeated on the road? I don’t, but they are and are heading to an easy win in the Motor City. Arizona still has to battle for their division and the #1 seed in the NFC. Every game is still important for them and coming off a loss to Los Angeles on Monday Night, this is a great spot for a bounce-back.

Finally we tease the Saints from +11.5 to +17 .5. This is a divisional game and the Bucs just need to win and stay healthy. The division is essentially wrapped with a win. New Orleans is 1 of 4 teams tied at 6-7 with a viable path still in so maximum effort will be expected and Taysom hill scored twice in a much more controlled effort and win against the Jets. I also have bailed on the Saints defense yet to make things difficult on Tom Brady for a minute or so. The more points I can get the better and +17 is very, very appreciated.

Written by Arky Shea

Arky is a decade plus veteran of sports talk radio and a podcaster since before it was cool (2006). He has also won many, many awards for being good at it. As you read this, he is probably working an angle to win $50 on a game and wondering when the Alabama dynasty actually will end.

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