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After this weekend’s games, everyone will be down to four games left and we are headed toward a wild and frenetic end of the first 17-game schedule. This week’s implications are massive and we can certainly profit from that.


This is a “prove it” spot for Buffalo. Since starting the season 3-1, the Bills have alternated wins and losses despite all of the impressive statistics. This team has no rhythm to it’s season right now and certainly none of the positive variety. Tom Brady and the Bucs are a different story. Tampa has won three straight and looked pretty good despite a ton of injuries. The Bucs are in a primo spot to run away with this division because after this game, the schedule is phenomenally manageable to be in great shape for the playoffs and still be in-line for the #1 seed in the NFC. I love Tampa here at home. Getting Gronk back was a huge comfort help for Mr. Brady. I also will never overlook the “stick it to Bill” factor. Tom will want to beat the Bills by more than the Pats did and I think they will.


The Washington Football Team has done a wonderful job of getting the most of their team when it looked like they might be out of it completely a month ago. They’ve won 4 straight and they may not have all been pretty (outside of the Tampa win) it’s doesn’t matter. Dallas on the other hand is regrouping health-wise at a good time of the season. Dallas won by 17 last week and the discussion was all about how Dak didn’t look great and the Cowboys didn’t either. They won by 17! Dallas could essentially slam the door on the division with a win here. They’d have the win over each opponent and at worst be guaranteed a split of their divisional matchups. The joke is always that the Cowboys can’t close and it’s the recent history, but they are talented, healthy and hell even the coaches are back. I gotta ride with the ‘boys in this one to take advantage of a WFT riding on a razor’s edge since before Thanksgiving.


This is the third favorite I am going with this weekend. This will probably be a dog fight for the entirety of the game. Cleveland and Baltimore are both being carried by their defenses. Thing is, I feel like eventually the Ravens are going to run out of steam. Last week they were going for two instead of risking overtime because they were down their best two corners. That’s the run for me. Every week the Ravens injury report reads like the Baltimore phone book. It’s amazing they’ve still gotten this far successfully. Lamar has also been feeling it as of late too. You’d probably feel that way too if you were the team’s entire offense. That Ravens final stretch of games is brutal too: Browns, Packers, Bengals, Rams, Bengals. I’ll take the Browns since I can get it under 3.

Written by Arky Shea

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