Outkick Ain’t Nothing But A Gangsta Party For 2 Of Amerika’s Most Wanted

The Daily Beast contracted free-lance hitman Robert Silverman to prosecute Outkick founder Clay Travis for crimes against the agreed-upon COVID-19 narrative.

Travis is Al Capone, a flamboyant and defiant habitual criminal who brazenly flouts the mainstream media-driven prohibition of liberal dissent.  A high-profile target on the media’s Most Wanted list for nearly a decade, Travis is now Public Enemy No. 1, replacing Barstool Sports crime boss Dave Portnoy. 

A wave of infighting, wokeness and rapid expansion have weakened Portnoy’s upper northeast crew. Most media mafia experts believe Barstool capo Dan “Big Cat” Katz will eventually mimic John Gotti’s 1985, unsanctioned hit on Paul Castellano and take out “El Presidente.”

That leaves Don SEC and his growing Nashville organization as America’s most dangerous sports media crime family. The “Southern Syndicate,” as Outkick is affectionately referred to throughout the Southeastern Conference, recently welcomed convicted serial media murderer yours truly, Jason “Big Sexy” Whitlock, into its family.

I escaped the media’s death row, surviving a character-assassination attempt while at ESPN and shaking off golden handcuffs at FOX Sports. At Outkick, I have risen from my writing death, firing off a series of columns exploring my Christian faith, Twitter’s secular influence on American culture and the fraudulence of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Outkick readers have analogized my resurrection and born-again persona to Jamie Foxx’s infamous movie role, “Djason Unchained.”

The alliance Travis established with me is Don SEC’s most heinous media crime. The COVID trial/takedown piece the Daily Beast published Sunday is collaborative retribution for my death row escape, and the retaliation was authorized by my former captors. Travis’ COVID trial mirrors the tax-evasion case that upended Capone’s run as the boss of Chicago. Unable or unwilling to prosecute Travis for his true crime — partnering with and empowering an emancipated black man — Silverman and the Daily Beast settled for litigating Corona crimes.

The Corona trial was headlined as an “inside” look at the “right-wing website pushing COVID trutherism.” 

A more accurate headline would be: “A Racist Attempt To Punish Clay Travis And Jason Whitlock For Partnering.”

That is what this is all about. Robert Silverman and The Daily Beast are openly racist. They work at the behest of and collaborate with other anti-black racists who hide their agenda under the hood of the label “liberal.”

America’s most powerful anti-black bigots ditched KKK hoods and sheets 50 years ago and replaced them with a political moniker — liberal. It was a brilliant strategy. It allowed them to keep their friends close and pull their enemies even closer. We have been programmed to believe the word liberal is the birth-control pill for racism. It’s not even a condom. In fact, it’s worse than just the tip. Liberal is the Shawn Kemp of bigotry. It allows white guys like Silverman to normalize their promiscuous bastardization of anti-black racism.  

People mistakenly believe I deny the existence and impact of anti-black racism. It’s not remotely true. I disagree with the mainstream media’s narrative that racism is a tool used most often by white conservatives. Racism is the preferred weapon of white liberals. It explains their guilty conscience and their inclination to advise black people to adopt strategies that ultimately work against our advancement.

We can survive the name-calling of an angered adversary. It’s the bad or misleading advice from a trusted source that kills. 

Silverman, The Daily Beast and white liberals specialize in intentionally misleading black people.

They celebrate young, easy-to-manipulate athletes as thought leaders and denigrate any accomplished black man or woman who dares to publicly challenge their destructive strategy for black people.

The Black Lives Matter ploy is from the same bag of tricks that convinced black people Bill Clinton’s three-strikes crime bill would benefit us and that a welfare check was a worthy replacement for a father in the home. Defunding the police is going to further destabilize and cannibalize poor inner-city communities. The violent crime rates are already skyrocketing in the neighborhoods most hostile to police.   

How many times are we going to fall for the banana in the tailpipe? Should we perhaps reconsider taking our leadership cues from the pro jocks approved by white liberals?

At age 35, LeBron James has yet to master the art of conjugating verbs to subjects, but white liberals hail him as one of America’s most important voices on race. Name me a white jock as inarticulate they would laud as an important voice on any topic, let alone a topic as complex as race. Colin Kaeperinick’s white liberal handlers won’t even allow him to speak. Somehow he’s analogized to the Louisville Lip, Muhammad Ali.

None of this is coincidence. When it comes to black leadership, white liberals prioritize dumb, dead and devious. 

Black people who fail to meet one or all of those categories are to be destroyed or ignored by well-intentioned white liberals. Deadspin tried to destroy me in 2014 and 2015 when former ESPN president John Skipper stumbled into empowering me as head of The Undefeated. Gawker employees Tommy Craggs, Tim Marchman and Hamilton Nolan were contracted for my character assassination. They ghost-wrote a series of stories under the byline of an easy-to-manipulate black kid, Greg Howard. 

I survived. Here I am at Outkick, making Clay Travis even more of a target. 

White liberal racists do not want white and black people working together. That is at the root of their support of Black Lives Matter. Racial division and polarization are the end game.

How do you accomplish that? 

The key, in my opinion, is to get people of all races to abandon their religious faith and interpret the world through the lens of skin color. The New York Times, the bible of white liberals, published a historical narrative, the 1619 Project, that argues America’s narrative arc can be explained through the lens of black slavery.

The 1619 Project desires to be America’s Mein Kampf. It’s an intentional genocidal distortion of American history. 

As it relates to race, America’s narrative arc is a story of Believers of all races methodically shaping this country into the world’s leader in equal opportunity, justice and freedom. The abolitionists who fought to end slavery were mostly Christians. The men (on both sides) who sacrificed their lives in our Civil War were mostly Christians. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and the black church ended Jim Crow.  

Is America perfect? No. Has it improved in each decade since its inception 244 years ago? Yes. Is the secular movement championed by liberals flirting with throwing away that progress? Absolutely. 

The white bigots wearing liberal hoods want to stop America’s racial progress. They have convinced a large swath of black people that Democratic politics is our salvation far more than our religious faith. Barack Obama has been installed as a false god. LeBron is Obama’s top apostle, registering voters and evangelizing for politics from his social media pulpit.  

Under the pretense of fighting “far-right” bigotry, Silverman and the Daily Beast attacked Travis for partnering with me and providing a platform for an Asian doctor, David Chao. Silverman pretended to be offended that in a brief press release announcing Chao’s association with Outkick Clay failed to mention a handful of lawsuits filed against Chao. 

Is there a company that does that in press releases? 

Think of all the athletes hired at ESPN, FOX Sports, CBS Sports, etc. Is Silverman offended when their arrest records, paternity lawsuits and previous restraining orders go unmentioned?

Silverman is lying. He’s racist. Outkick’s diversity of partners, employees and thought infuriate Silverman and the Daily Beast. The new Outkick is less than two months old and the impact of our work is already being recognized at the highest levels of government and sports.

In his poorly constructed, 4,100-word story, Silverman criticized me for pointing out that Kansas State athletes elevated the profile of a misguided classmate who cracked a poor-taste joke about George Floyd, the ex-con murdered by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin.     

Silverman couldn’t reduce himself to contacting me for comment. I’m beneath him. He emailed Travis and Chao directly. He asked Travis to defend my column. 

It’s a clever tactic white liberals have used against me throughout my career. They contact the white executive they believe supervises me and ask him or her to explain my columns addressing race. The executive can’t explain it. My writings on race are cutting edge and provocative, and defense of them requires a level of expertise and boldness missing from mainstream corporate media.

The executive put in this position quickly reaches the conclusion the best way to avoid uncomfortable phone calls from white liberal bigots and their black puppets complaining about my work is to place restraints on what I write or say.

That’s why I departed corporate media to partner on my own platform. Freedom. I wanted the same freedom enjoyed by Portnoy, Joe Rogan, Bill Simmons, Ben Shapiro, Adam Carolla and countless others. 

Rather than start from scratch, Clay Travis offered to share power with me at Outkick. I loved this idea because of what it signified in this era of racial polarization. 

The people who fear what Clay and I represent in partnership will mischaracterize our work and us. A black man and a white man agreed to work as partners. They hired an Asian man to contribute to their work. 

The Daily Beast characterized the collaboration as proof of “far-right” racism.  Silverman’s white privilege includes the right to twist a set of facts to paint whatever conclusion serves his bigoted liberal agenda.   

I can promise you this. The allegedly well-intentioned, trusted racists advising black people to self-destruct will not like Outkick. People who still believe in the American melting pot will love Outkick. We will be a sanctuary for lovers of truth, authenticity and fairness.  

If you want Jason Whitlock for your TV or radio show or podcast, contact

Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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  1. Jason and Clay are on fire. My Dad and I don’t talk sports like we used to and I think that’s about to change. Since I’m already a VIP, I’m about to get my old man a VIP membership. Then he can start following sports again and we can return to arguing over nonsense like two kids.

  2. I’ve always thought of Clay as Lieutenant Dan. He’s out on the boat screaming at coronavirus. While everyone else is losing their business, Outkick is the one that survives the storm and blossoms over everybody else. Plus, like Lt. Dan, he buys winning stocks.

  3. I meant to add in my prior comment, you guys should seriously see if you can make tee shirts out of both of those pictures. Not sure if there wound be trademark issues on DJason vs Django but some one should check on this. I would buy these tee shirts

  4. Great article Jason. You always seem to perfectly articulate my thoughts. My concern is if/when folks will ever realize how they are being duped and what kind of collateral damage will be done to our country and society before this happens.

  5. The writing here in Outkick has been so thoughtful and insightful. It is the example of critical thinking and introspection that is being lost. I go as far as saying this is what today’s journalism is supposed to look like: Fact based, several sources, evidence analysis, etc. Thank you from a sports fan but more so from a fellow Christian and human being.

  6. In what kind of world can soon-to-be- billionaire LeBron James claim to be a proponent of BLM? He is openly a carnivorous capitalist, while endorsing socialist-Marxist BLM. He is a successful role-model father, while defacto endorsing an organization that is: “committed to disrupting the Western-prescribed nuclear family.” LeBron left “his people” in Akron in economic ruin, so he could pursue the glitz and glamor of Hollywood. And, most heinously, he stays silent on massive social injustice in China so that he can reap the vast riches of their entertainment marketplace. He supports BLM in word only
    — his deeds mock their principles.

    • exactly….Charles Murray (a dangerous name to say) states it more broadly about liberal elites. They grew up in and create stable 2 parent homes, a huge reason for their societal success, while simultaneously espousing support for the idea of single parenthood.

  7. This column is brilliant. The flow of the writing is a joy to read. There was thought put behind this. The pattern of behavior by the limousine left should be obvious to anyone paying attention. But, people are too hesitant to question their own thought processes when their eyes report information contrary to their belief system.

    Glad I joined Outkick as a VIP, it seems the fun is just getting started.

  8. There was a lot of built-up anger in Silverman’s little keyboard. After muscling through 2500 of the 4100 words, I got the point: Outkick is a threat. ATTACK!

    Notice that the article, curiously, has the same tone and writing style as the litany of threatening (and hilarious) news releases we got from North Korea during the 2017 missile “hissy fit” against Trump. I’m only half-joking. Read Kim Jong Un’s letter against Trump from September 22, 2017, and replace Trump with “Travis” and America or U.S. with “Outkick” to see the similarities.

    Could it be Silverman moonlights as the ghost writer for DPRK news? I see the same stylistic tendencies. Maybe a good follow up story for OTC?

  9. I’m the prime, P1, literal example of how barstool changed. 29, from LI, NY. Have followed Dave for 12 years. He’s the same guy, but Barstool isn’t. It was a LI NY & Boston thing. They were everything to some, now they’re some and will always have nothing but love and enjoy his content, but I view him as a separate entity

  10. Jason, I am as much in awe of your writing ability as I am of your courage. The combination of your fearlessness, your way with words, and your insight, is unmatched. In a world where the rest of the media tries to misinform, manipulate, and destroy creative thought, thank you so much for the inspiration that you give to us all.

  11. Does it get any better than that?! Wow. What a column. Jason, you are the man. Does anyone else feel like they have emerged from the desert to see an oasis with the Outkick scene? I know I do. Keep it up guys.

  12. Jason, every time I think you have written your best stuff, you write another masterpiece. This one is pure poetry- (poetry that punches certain people in the face). I’m looking forward to the upcoming podcasts, but hope you will continue to do daily articles for Outkick. Honestly the best thing at an amazing site. THANK YOU!

  13. Jason – This was one of the most enjoyable and insightful articles I’ve ever read. I literally backed up a few times because I didn’t want it to end.

    The great economist/historian Dr. Thomas Sowell dedicates his book “Discrimination and Disparities” to his friend and fellow economist Walter E. Williams with this great line “We have labored in the same vineyard.” You sir are now laboring in that same vineyard, and the world desperately needs you to continue. Thank you very much!

  14. Whitlock isn’t pulling punches anymore. Silverman, who looks EXACTLY like I expected him to, shook up a hornet nest of the sports world just as the radicals pushing violent riots as ‘protests for justice’ have done in the political spherr.

  15. I’ve long enjoyed Jason’s work on TV at ESPN and Fox Sports, and I knew he was a sports writer, but I had no idea he was this good. Even taking away the incisive political commentary, the writing itself is a joy to read. Great flow for a gangster.

  16. I never understood why these athletes who are so “vocal” about political positions, aren’t willing to engage and defend their positions on any platform other than Twitter or Instagram. Colin Kaepernick has vanished and this should be his big moment to be out front leading the charge. I just wish that one time people would ask these athletes what specific parts of the BLM organizations mission do they specifically support. Is it destruction of religion, destruction of the nuclear family, or do they support all of it? Enjoyed the article very well written, really points out the Hippocracy and shows how hard the liberal media is trying to divide, conquer, and segregate

  17. I have admired your writing for a long time Jason. But man, since joining Outkick, you have reached a whole new level of amazing. Clay is your Scottie Pippen. You guys are going to be a dynasty. And there is no Jerry Krause to cut the run short.

    • Hey Jason,
      Just brilliant…great writing!!! And all your points are enlightening and TRUTHFUL.
      But the movie references…and the metaphors for the biggest names in this business that you and Clay have chosen. Superb!
      Don SEC looking sharp, and Big Sexy, looking undefeated AND undisputed, quaffing some bubbly at…maybe Skull’s? Say…that wouldn’t be the daily beast — morto — in the forefront, just nicely roasted by you guys, would it?
      Is it true you guys and El Pres had this conversation: So, Don SEC…Big Sexy..…I wish to congratulate you on your new business, and I know you’ll do very well; and good luck to you — as best’s as your interests don’t conflict with mine. Thank you.

  18. Another masterpiece Jason

    “Racism is the preferred weapon of white liberals.”

    This paragraph resonates loudly, very loudly inside me—

    “The white bigots wearing liberal hoods want to stop America’s racial progress. They have convinced a large swath of black people that Democratic politics is our salvation far more than our religious faith. Barack Obama has been installed as a false god. LeBron is Obama’s top apostle, registering voters and evangelizing for politics from his social media pulpit.”

    XiBron is a vulnerable/veritable house of cards

  19. I love this, the brutal and fresh honesty, the candor, and the outspoken critique of the unholy alliance between progressives/racism/corporatism and its putrid infiltration and degrading of american sports and culture. Thank god for voices like JW and CT. So many millions of ppl agree with you.

  20. Very powerful.

    I hope one day to be as articulate as you (& Clay) & to come up with analogies as beautiful as this:

    “We have been programmed to believe the word liberal is the birth-control pill for racism. It’s not even a condom. In fact, it’s worse than just the tip. Liberal is the Shawn Kemp of bigotry.”

    As these days of corona drudge on, I know that I can always find something good at Outkick. You guys will always have my support.

    And Jason, you’ve inspired me to get back to my own writing, and I thank you for that. It’s been years (and 4 kids), but it’s time.

  21. Whitlock swings… and it’s another upper deck blast!!

    Bless you both and keep it up. Side comment, between Deadspin, Gawker (RIP), and DB you have hit three of the Four Horseman of the garbage media apocalypse. Add Vox and you have your complete set.

  22. Great work. The truly amazing thing I have seen over the past 3.5 years is the #1 liberal complaint is the divisive nature of Trump – and, while I see it to a degree, it is clear as day that the most divisive people in America are far left liberals. When I point out the hypocrisy to friends, I am labeled a RWNJ. Fascinating.

  23. ‘All hail (agent) J’ – Guess the movie.

    Great column Jason.
    Your on-air today with Clay was the best radio in a long time. For a Monday. 👏🏻Clapping.

    You guys know a storm is coming your way.
    I know that you guys know that, but it could be ugly.

  24. DAMN, damn,DAMN, damn,DAMN, damn,DAMN, damn,DAMN, damn,DAMN, damn,DAMN, damn,DAMN, damn,DAMN, damn,DAMN, damn,DAMN, damn,DAMN, damn,DAMN, damn,DAMN, damn,DAMN, damn,DAMN, damn,DAMN, damn,DAMN, damn,DAMN, damn,DAMN, damn,DAMN, damn,DAMN, damn,DAMN, damn,DAMN, damn,DAMN, damn,DAMN, damn,DAMN, damn,DAMN, damn,DAMN, damn,

    liberals will ALWAYS tell you who they fear- and you sir…….. well you are on equal footing with the Louisville Lip !!!!

    love your work – love your attitude and the entire sports community is better for the fact that you have the freedom to write with impunity!!! Cant wait for the podcasts!!!

    and welcome to Nashville- go get yourself some biscuits/jam from the Loveless…. and no matter what anyone tells you – Don’t order spicy- at Princes it will burn your mouth for a week !! cheers !!

  25. Jason, the powers that be should be giving you a Pulitzer, rather than Nicole Hannah-Jones at the New York Times. This is the best piece you have written since I have been a VIP. Fantastic and eye-opening. I wholeheartedly agree with your opinion of LeBron James. He ain’t no Frederick Douglas.

    Powerful stuff.

  26. I read Whitlock’s columns every day and every day the comment sections are filled with comments saying that he’s preaching fire and that it’s his best column yet.

    Can’t say I disagree. This train is only gaining steam.

  27. Jason, I’ve read and watched you many times in the last 20 years. I’ve considered you the finest sports writer in the country. I’ve never read an article or listened to one of your shows where I was more impressed than this article. Nothing to say but a super outstanding job.

  28. These are vicious people we’re fighting ,but they are bullies. When you stand up to them, they back down. They are now emboldened because most are caving to them. Regular folks don’t be quiet , fight back! Voice your opinion when the pollster calls, display your Trump bumper sticker if that’s what you feel (had a ball the other day when some punk flipped me off driving, he went right away when I gave it back to him). We can’t just rely on Jason W. And Tucker C. to carry the mail. This fight is for AMERICA!

  29. Thank You Jason. This is the most complete and thorough breakdown of what is going on right now. In Fact, this article made me join the VIP.. Many, Many Props to Jason and Clay for just having Common- F ing- Sense../ BLM was founded soon after the Trayvon Martin shooting. Which at first, the Entire Liberal media tried to blame a “white guy” from the tea- party movement. Ended up being a latino George Zimmerman, who was getting his head bashed into a sidewalk. And shot him in self-defense, cleared by a jury, with the Facts. The Lib media even edited the 911 call from him, to try to make it sound like he was a racist. The Lib media also made a power keg of racism out of Michael Brown in St.Louis.. After a strong armed robbery, stealing blunts and assaulting an Asian business owner. He proceeded to try to steal a police officer’s gun, while he was in his car, then run away and come back and charged at the officer David Wilson. Who shot him dead. Then the entire Lie and narrative of “Hands Up- Don’t Shoot” was born from the media. Ferguson burned for weeks. Crime, murders skyrocketed of course. Obama’s justice dept did endless interviews and investigations,despite their best efforts, as in several black witnesses that confirmed the officer’s account of the facts. They had to hate that they concluded it was all justified.. The entire Lie of “Hands up- Don’t shoot” Still gets brought up as an example of white cops killing an innocent black teenager.. With none of the facts ever being said is infuriating.. Great Job on the new and improved site..

  30. Just when I quit reading sports because of the liberal bullshit slant and the demigodding of morons like LeBron James and Colin Kaepernick … along comes Outkick in my life. Thank you to all your staff for insightful and thoughtful writing. BTW Jason, your appearances on FNC led me to Outkick and I am could not be happier.

  31. Once again Jason this article is so very well done! The momentum that Clay has started by partnering with you and Dr. Chao is incredible! Politics should not be a part of sports. But thanks to Bob Costas on Sunday night football politics became part of sports broadcasting. I’m sure there were people before Bob on primetime, but people don’t watch sports to listen to anything but the game. That’s just me. Keep up the great work!! Love you guys!!

  32. I keep reading and saying best article yet. But NOW, best article yet. I am in awe. As a teacher/coach in the Houston area for now my 35th year I always looked for someone in sports media not AFRAID to show their love of Jesus. Many coaches in Texas have no problem showing it by our actions and fruits, but now I can point our athletes ( many actually follow sports media content) to Outkick. So happy I spent the vip $ to support y’all. Keep slaying them!
    Coach Bear

  33. I’m not a conservative and am uninterested in dueling covid narratives among sports journalists, or any journalists for that matter. I bookmark data sources and look at the numbers and analyze them myself and draw my own conclusions.

    The second worst thing about covid (the worst is the disease itself) is the way I don’t need to read columns to know a person’s opinion. Once I know a person’s political affiliation, I know all I need to know about what a person thinks about covid. Sad.I live in NYC and am in my late ‘60s and an diabetic. The stakes for me are too important for me to consider the prefabricated views of any journalist. So I analyze on my own. (And BTW, I think Clay is wrong about Cuomo. Everyone struggled early on to get a sense of what covid was and was not and said things that later turned out wrong, But living in Manhattan and seeing the epicenter from the ground, I know my being alive and healthy today probably owes a lot to Cuomo’s aggressive lockdowns).

    Whatever. One thing I do admire and respect, though, is sincere and honest thought, so I’ll subscribe to any platform in which Jason Whitlock is involved. I’m glad he found a place that amplifies, rather than suppresses, his voice.

    As to other issues, I’m fanatically opposed to the echo chamber. I listen to those who think as I think. I listen to those who think differently. And I try to evolve as I go along.

    Anyway, I’m impressed with what see from Outkick. I’m eager to read Jason regularly (his opening monologues was my favorite part of SFY) and intrigued to acquaint myself more with what Clay has to say, and maybe even exchange some honest views.

    • Marc…with all due respect…your mayor, Wilhelm…he ENCOURAGED citizens to go out to restaurants, bars, street fairs…IN EARLY MARCH!!! The President had already closed down airports to foreign virus spreaders. The sorry excuse for a GOVERNOR sent recovering Nursing Home patients BACK to their facilities when he had 2,500 COVID BEDS at the Javits Center manned by the US Army docs and nurses…not some LPNs and nurses aides at nursing homes with almost no resources because the GOV did not want to be prepared…and the USNS COMFORT in the harbor…similarly manned by US Navy doctors and nurses, willing to care for recovering covid patients. Either you’re watching the wrong TV networks or you’re hopelessly misinformed…or both…and this is from a Bronx Boy who lived in NYC for 32 years! God help you.

  34. There is probably nothing white liberals hate more than a black conservative or truth teller. Jason may your and Clay’s tribe increase. It did with me a week ago – a happy new vip member. I can finally enjoy a sports site…

  35. Congratulations to all of the hard-working folks at Outkick who make it what it is, a leader in critical thinking in an environment when the cancel culture is trying to limit the free speech of every American. Clay and Jason are in the vanguard of American society, pushing back against the ignorance of the collective on a daily basis. The addition of Jason in particular marks the most important media shift since the rebirth of talk radio in the 1980s. I do not think it is hyperbole to express a sentiment that many Outkick fans share, that Mr. Jason Whitlock is the most important voice in the current American media environment. He is the man of the hour, a man in full, a man of quick wit and honest Christian soul. I went from being a non-reader/ listener of Outkick two months ago to a VIP member today. Moreover, the first thing I read every morning is Jason’s column, right before I listen to Clay’s Podcast. Jason’s articles are so thoughtful, so important, so attuned to the zeitgeist that I print out the columns, put them in a binder, and share them with my oldest son. That Jason has such a relaxed public persona and can share a good laugh with all of us, often at his expense, makes him special. Reformat the articles, put them in a book, “Amerika’s Most Wanted,” and publish. Instant Amazon #1.

  36. Jason — Your work is Pulitizer and Nobel worthy. Of course, a conservative will never win these awards; but your readers recognize both your brilliance and your amazing command of the language. And great as they are, both are dwarfed by your courage. We’re fortunate to have your voice in the nation’s cultural discourse.

  37. Super analysis and well done. The detestable Malcolm X even pointed out the white liberal as the true enemy of Black America. Keep up the great work. It’s appreciated.

  38. Jason is the light of free thinking faith based Americans! It’s so refreshing to hear liberty on podcasts and reading about it in sports related columns. Championing freedom never fails to get dull and get the open minded patriots energized! This site is what America needs! Keep on ringing the bell!!!

  39. I wondered the past few years if something like this could be possible. I always loved when Whitlock would come on the show. Now that the deal is done, we the people WIN big time!! It’s so nice to finally hear two rational men talk sports and politics and not want to throw my stereo out the window. Y’all are so refreshing! It’s like taking a ice cold swig of Mt. Dew on hot summer day! Keep up the incredible dialogue

  40. Just got a subscription which I never do. Only the second post on any site that I have ever made. I am all in on this! Thank God for this site. WE HAVE A VOICE!. And quite possibly the best article I have ever read.

  41. Jason –
    I’ve been a “church-goer” since I was a child… I have always felt that The Good Lord really does look for special people to carry forward His Message…

    I have become more and more convinced that our problems in this country are not Democrat/Republican, Right/Left, or Black/White…

    I truly believe they are issues regarding Good/Evil…

    Thanks for being a rational, thoughtful, honest voice for Good…

    You brighten my day… God Bless You…

    • Rodney, I also believe our issues are Good vs Evil. I’ve followed Jason for years, and I’ve listened to him speak on social media before, but I’d never really understood the full extent of the dangers of social media until now. ……..And as you say, thank God that Jason uses his amazing writing talents to be a rational, honest voice for Good

  42. “People who still believe in the American melting pot will love Outkick. We will be a sanctuary for lovers of truth, authenticity and fairness.”

    GO, JASON!!

    THAT’S why OutKick is exploding… America NEEDS OUTKICK.

  43. Brilliant Mr. Whitlock, simply brilliant.

    You nail your theses on the wall like a Martin Luther, with one exception.
    There is one sentence I wish you had added.
    “These people are anti-Christian bigots and need to be exposed and named as such.”
    No reason to pussy-foot. That’s what they are. And they are proud of it, unapologetic, contemptuous.
    It is the number one bigotry in our country today.

  44. “The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to prevailing superstitions and taboos.” H.L. Mencken

    As two of Amerika’s most independent thinkers, Clay and Jason are clearly among the most dangerous — and hence most wanted — Amerikans. Keep up the great work!

  45. I think those Space Jam aliens got to Michael Jordan. All that recent activity in the sky. Then he conveniently drops his ESPN documentary “last dance” before China pushes their BLM marxists movement on the nba. In space jam 2 Lebron James will teach us the importance of tranny life family structure. And this time when the stadium goes down due to an even worse virus than in first space jam. Lebron also has a sex change to become a Lakers cheerleader in order t further fit the narrative of the BLM mission statement.

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