Outkick Adds Jason Whitlock, Becomes Increasingly Fearless

June 15, 2020 (Nashville, TN) — Outkick founder Clay Travis announced today that he has reached a partnership agreement with Jason Whitlock, one of the most recognizable sports journalists in America. 

“Outkick is the most fearless brand in American media and today I believe we added the most fearless voice in sports to our roster,” Travis said. “No apologies, no fear, just the unvarnished truth in a time of rampant artificiality in the media. Get your popcorn.” 

Whitlock most recently spearheaded FOX Sports 1’s studio show “Speak For Yourself,” the fastest-growing show in sports television. Whitlock previously worked at ESPN and the Kansas City Star. His work in Kansas City from 1994 to 2010 earned him national recognition as one of the leading voices on sports, race and culture. In 2007, he won the Scripps Howard National Journalism Award for Commentary.

“The opportunity to work with Clay and Sam (Savage) and turn Outkick into the premier site for sports fans looking for an honest conversation about the world is the most exciting challenge of my career,” Whitlock said Sunday. “Racial polarization, the promotion of anecdote-driven worldviews and the silencing of ideas and thoughts that contradict mainstream media narratives are tearing America apart. I hope the work we do at Outkick will play a small role in bringing us back together. That’s a big goal. I can’t wait.”

Whitlock will start writing for Outkick immediately, and will be launching a podcast in the near future. His work will be showcased throughout and branded “Fearless.”

“We think Clay and Jason form the best team in sports media,” said Sam Savage, CEO . “Anyone longing for an honest, agenda-free take on sports or the world at large will find Outkick as a haven from the insanity.”

Travis’ partnership with Whitlock and Savage highlights Outkick’s goal to expand the site into a true media juggernaut. Savage, a digital media veteran, previously served as CEO of Pop Culture Media (, and Chief Revenue Officer of

“With Clay and Jason as our foundation, mixed with a phenomenal editorial staff, Outkick is poised to be a major force in the sports, pop culture, and political spheres,” Savage said.

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Written by Dallas Jackson

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