Should Ronald Acuña Be Praised For Running To First? OutKick 360, Gary Sheffield Jr. Discuss

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After OutKick’s Gary Sheffield, Jr. tweeted that Ronald Acuña, Jr. is “setting the tone for a World Series run” by running to first base on a routine grounder, OutKick 360 had lots to discuss.

On Monday, OutKick 360’s Paul Kuharsky said it was an amazing play, but said he’s not throwing a parade for running hard to first base.

“That is the standard,” he said. “I am going to boo and bemoan the guy who doesn’t run hard to first base. The guy who runs hard to first base is doing what he is paid to do.”

Naturally, Sheffield, Jr. had something to say about that. “There are so many reasons not to run hard to first base other than laziness. I’ll explain it on air sometime,” he replied.

OutKick 360’s Chad Withrow said he sent Sheffield, Jr.’s tweet to the group and Kuharsky took issue with it — Sheffield, Jr. checked in with the squad on Tuesday when they further discussed the topic.

Sheffield, Jr. said he was impressed that Ronald Acuña was able to show the team that he put winning first.

“At the end of the season if a role player is dogging it, then Ronald Acuna can go in his bag and say, ‘I demand more of you because I can do more,'” he said.

Kuharsky still did not agree with the majority, but Sheffield, Jr said Acuña doesn’t get a pass for what occured in the postseason — he said he’s happy to see the best player for a team working hard.

He also said just because he’s impressed by a play, doesn’t mean a player gets a pass on what he did in the past and that Acuña doesn’t deserve a Nobel Peace Prize.

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  1. One of the many reason I checked out on baseball. No matter what level, no matter your pay, you hustle. That IS the minimum standard. It’s a shame that 90% of “professional” players don’t get this.

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