Ottawa Police Are Ticketing Freedom Convoy Protesters, Threatening Arrest

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants to be a dictator and his new emergency powers, which he invoked on Monday, essentially allow him to rule as one.

With the use of the Emergencies Act, the federal government has warned truckers they may take away their license and may seize their vehicles if they don’t stop protesting immediately. 

On Tuesday, Ottawa police began ticketing Freedom Convoy protesters and threatening their arrest. According to the Associated Press, some truckers responded by ripping up the leaflets that ordered them to leave.

The AP described the scene:

In Ottawa, authorities in yellow “police liaison” vests went from rig to rig, knocking on the doors of the trucks parked outside Parliament, to hand truckers leaflets informing them they could be prosecuted, lose their licenses and see their vehicles seized under Canada’s Emergencies Act. Police also began ticketing vehicles.

Some truckers ripped up the order, and one protester shouted, “I will never go home!” Some threw the warning into a toilet put out on the street. Protesters sat in their trucks and defiantly honked their horns in a chorus that echoed loudly downtown.

Honk, honk.

Don’t lose perspective: this is going on just beyond our northern border. What’s more, Joe Biden supports Trudeau’s infatuation with a tyrannical regime. It was the Biden administration that pressed the Canadian government last week to use its federal power to end the trucker protest. Trudeau listened.

Trudeau is afraid of these scary truckers. He’s intimidated by the message they are sending. He fears the ruling class is losing a grip on the power struggle.

We explained this in a column on Tuesday. Here’s part of it:

If you push blue-collar workers too far, they can and will disrupt those living comfortably at the top. For too long, the common man has allowed politicians to wield powers that they aren’t lawfully entitled to, and this usurpation of powers has led to forced lockdowns and masked children.

But now the truckers have proven that they, too, have power. And they’re not alone. Western economies depend on the working class, people like machine operators, construction workers, food deliverers, auto mechanics, and furnace installers. If these groups all halted productivity in protest, their country would collapse.

The Freedom Convoy also revealed that the true divide is not between racial or political groups but between the common man and the elites. Skin color differences didn’t spark the Freedom Convoy. Instead, power-hungry globalists did because they have forced their fellow countrymen to follow arbitrary and onerous restrictions for two years. The people have had it, finally.

So what’s next? Will Trudeau and his wacky government demand police pull truckers out of their vehicles and beat them over the head with batons? Perhaps. But for now, protesters are preparing for police to remove them by force.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics..

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      • Yep serious my comparison is of a leader of a nation becoming a dictator in effect by his over reaction to peaceful non violent protesters your examples are completely different they were not a leader of a country coming down heavy handed on the citizens. BTW check out the enabling act which is what Hitler used as an excuse to become the absolute dictator of the Third Reich I wasn’t saying Trudeau is Hitler

  1. Actually these truckers represent 10% of Canadian truckers. What makes things worse is that Union, Skilled Trades and residents that support those workers are being effected to the tune of MILLIONS of dollars. “The same things that make you laugh can make you cry”… Can’t imagine why Maga lost the last election… Keep up the good work… #Brilliant

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