The Oscars Mandate Attendees Wear Masks During Commercials

The Academy will not ask Oscar attendees to wear face masks while cameras are rolling this Sunday, however they must put masks on during commercial breaks. Variety first reported these marching orders.

It doesn’t appear an explanation was provided. The only semi-rational reason for it is that guests are more likely to talk to or get close to one another during breaks. I could accept this reason except that rich celebrities — who have been preaching for months that you should wear at least two masks — will then attend afterparties and talk, drink, make out, and take IG photos together, all without wearing a mask.

If you plan to witness the award show Sunday, I encourage you to turn it into some blog work for an entertainment website, as few will have the knowledge to cover the event properly. All signs indicate that the Oscars will offer little besides smug denouncements of half of the country and a record-low viewership average.

Also, did the Academy invite Fauci to hang with fellow pop culture stars?

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Don’t think I will be watching the Democrat Socialist Convention but I might bet on it.

    Nomadland is the favorite to win best picture at -750 but I think the Oscars want to appear inclusive. So voting for the “right” is enough to feel good about themselves.

    I will put a little money on wealthy white guilt.
    The Trial of the Chicago 7 is +800.

  2. Because as we have all learned a year into this, the virus knows. Bobby, you actually buried the lead. This is that any company was dumb enough to buy add time during what will be and under watched woke infested ratings disaster.

  3. Dont give two shits about these assholes in Hollywood. Just give me a post show or article that details how Anti_American they were during their acceptance speech and another that highlights how bad the ratings were.

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