Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em: Did Will Smith Slap The S*** Out of Chris Rock At The Oscars?

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During Sunday night’s Oscars ceremony from Los Angeles, comedian Chris Rock took the stage to present the award for Best Documentary. What ensued was stranger than fiction.

As Rock was doing crowd work, he zeroed in on Hollywood couple Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith and made a joke about her shiny dome by asking if she went full-method for GI Jane 2.

At first the joke appeared to land well with the duo until Will Smith got up from his seat, approached Rock on the mic and appeared to punch (or slap) the comedian.

Once Will returned to his seat, with the crowd waiting to get in on the joke, Smith started mouthing off to Rock and told him to keep her name out his f***ing mouth.

Was it real, or a desperate bid for ratings?

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. It was staged. It was more slap than punch and you could tell Smith has had decades of training on how to make the punch look more than it really was. Rock’s reaction is also a give away. Very little head movement for as big a blow as it looked plus most people would rub their jaw after a hit like that, not Rock.

  2. This was not staged. That was 100% organic. Will Smith is already stupid rich, he gets nothing out of this to boost their ratings. Dude is a cuckold who finally snapped. It doesn’t have to be closed fist to be real.

        • LOL I like CR but when you see the tornado coming you just don’t stand there step away duck punch back are some options WS is a jackass the proper thing would have been to take the man aside off cam and just tell him hey lay off I’m sensitive so lay off instead of what he did

      • It probably wasn’t the gentleman thing to do, but at the same time I don’t feel sorry for a guy getting smacked into last week for cracking jokes on a man’s wife who has alopecia. Oh well. Think harder next time. You’re taking a bit of a gamble taking personal shots at a man’s wife, who has a disease, with him sitting right there. That gamble didn’t pay off last night.

        • Chris Rock is a comedian and we’re not even sure if he knew about Jada’s condition. We can’t set a precedent where members of the audience can go up on stage and assault a comedian if they don’t like his jokes.

          • Agreed!! These vague social rules are the delight of liberals everywhere and the bane of conservative existence. You can physically assault someone if they tell a joke about her medical condition? C’mon, man. That’s about the same as saying that being racist is OK if you’re the _right_ color.

            And if you look closely at Will’s reaction, he was chuckling until his wife got offended. He makes himself more of a cuck every single day…

          • Agreed. You can’t (legally) physically assault people over words. If you set that precedent then where do you draw the line and who interprets what side of the line the joke lands?

            Fuck Will Smith for being so damn sensitive he felt the need to slap a man damn near half his size. Where was that energy when his wife was getting D’d down by other men? But Chris Rock is a bridge too far? Miss me with that.

          • Half the world knows. He knew. Come on now. I think this might explain why Rock isn’t pressing charges. Or…or…this is the single best Punkd ever pulled off and Ashton Kutcher is laughing his head off somewhere 😆.

  3. It was a punch not a slap and CR should have defended himself from that tough guy poser now he should press charges and have his arrested for assault you can’t go around laying hands on people just because they say something you don’t like and it is CR who’s a comedian and say all kinds of wacky stuff would the poser have done that to Richard Pryor?? smfh

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