Original GoldenEye Video Game Is Heading To Xbox And Nintendo Switch This Week!

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I remember it like yesterday.

Christmas of 1997.

By this time, I knew that Santa had passed off some of the gifting duties to my parents and there was one thing I wanted that year: Nintendo 64.

Oh yes. See, there was no Playstation 2 yet. Same with Xbox. You were either original Playstation or still playing Sega Genesis.

But then the Nintendo 64 was released and it was a revolutioonary gamechanger.

Thanks in part to Double-Oh-Seven himself, Bond. James, Bond.

Any kid or teenager in the ’90s and early 2000’s knows EXACTLY the feeling I’m talking about. Their eyes immediately lit up with an “Ohh, man I loved that game,” when someone mentioned the words GoldenEye.

The single-shooter game was the first of it’s kind with the N64’s 360 directional controller. The sniper rifle was like none other when you zoomed in. Plus, it followed along with the character.

And the Multiplayer option? Remote mines? Be still my beating heart.

GoldenEye 007 will be debuting on Nintendo Switch and Xbox (YouTube)

“Back in those days,” there was no social media. America Online was starting to get traction, but we were still on dial-up modems at the time. This was when kids actually still went outside and played, instead of sitting on an iPad all day getting brainwashed by relentlessly scrolling TikTok.

I collectively missed a whole month of my life in that year alone, if you add up all the hours I spent playing that game with my friends.

And… it’s coming back.

Video game company ‘Rare’ has announced that after waiting a quarter of a century, GoldenEye 007, will be returning to game consoles.

Nintendo 64’s GoldenEye 007 was a monumental moment in gameplay history. (Rare Thief)

The game will be available beginning tomorrow, January 27th, for both the Nintendo Switch and Xbox platforms.

The Switch game will be the exact same version as the historic 1997 one. It will also include online multiplayer modes so people can play against anyone and everyone.

The XBox version, although similar, will be a “faithful recreation,” of the game with a 4K resolution enhancement. It will also include multiplayer mode – but only a local one, meaning that you can play with your friends that are in the same room as you via a split screen.

GoldenEye will be available on the XBox One, Xbox Series S/X consoles and also for download on the XBox Game Pass.

The re-release took so long because of a rights issue. Xbox 360 tried to release the game back in 2008 for its 10-year anniversary, however they couldn’t come to an agreement.


So for anyone out there who thought that they were going to have date night his weekend? Sorry, plans have been cancelled.

Ladies, you may want to make it a girls weekend. There are going to be thousands of guys getting their 007 fix this weekend. Be prepared for the sound of gunfighting, explosions, laughter and of course that James Bond theme song playing non-stop.

Dun-Dun-DUNNN. Dun-Dun-DUNNN.

Oh man, I am so ready.

Written by Mike Gunzelman

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