Paul Finebaum Predicts These Two Schools Will Join The Big Ten Next

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Paul Finebaum thinks the Big Ten might not be done growing.

The Big Ten will add USC and UCLA in 2024, and when that happens, the conference will have the geographic footprint by a gigantic margin.

While things seem to have cooled on the expansion front, the ESPN star thinks a pair of PAC-12 programs might eventually be on the way.

“I think Oregon and Washington are the two schools that would be the first first to go. Yeah, I still think there’s some movement left in the Big 12 so I don’t think that affects the big, the Big Ten can get who they want. I felt it for some time. Kevin Warren’s move was one of the smoothest I’ve seen in a long time in college sports. He used a professional model which I think he would have every reason to having spent time in the NFL and in many ways, it was a masterful stroke,” Finebaum said when discussing further expansion, according to USA Today.

Will Washington join the Big Ten? (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)

Will Washington and Oregon join the Big Ten?

One of the most interesting things about UCLA officially being approved to join the Big Ten was that it was revealed UC Regents actually pushed for more teams to go.

The B1G only wanted USC and the Bruins for the time being, but the UC Regents attempted to gauge Kevin Warren’s interest in adding several more PAC-12 teams. Specifically, there was a push for the B1G to take Oregon, Stanford, Washington and then there were questions about Cal.

In a sense, the UC Regents appeared okay with blowing up the conference. Money gets people to do crazy things. Right now, the Big Ten has more money than it knows what to do with, and the UC Regents wanted more of a taste than just UCLA.

The Big Ten didn’t take any new teams, but as Finebaum speculates, it might just be a matter of time.

What will the B1G do?

As we’ve covered a ton here at OutKick, there’s an arms race unfolding in college football between the SEC and Big Ten. We’re in a world of haves and have nots. The only haves are the SEC and Big Ten. From a talent standpoint, the SEC is better. From a money standpoint, the Big Ten is king. You can debate amongst yourself which is more important.

What we do know is that when your neighbor starts building up resources and stockpiling missiles, your only choice is to do the same.

If the SEC decides to make some moves, Oregon and Washington could quickly join the B1G. There’s a reason the PAC-12 media deal hasn’t come together just yet. Why would a university sign a mediocre PAC-12 deal when the Big Ten’s money might be looming on the horizon?

Will Oregon join the B1G? (Photo by Tom Hauck/Getty Images)

All signs point to the B1G adding more teams at some point down the road. When will that be? That’s impossible to say, but it definitely looks like it will eventually happen.

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