Oregon State Player Hits Gator Chomp Mid-Play As Florida Kicks Sad Field Goal To Avoid Shutout In Blowout Loss

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Florida never stood a chance against Oregon State on Saturday. The Beavers put a beatdown on the Gators in the Las Vegas Bowl and made sure to let them know.

Oregon State entered the game at 9-3 with two three-point losses to USC and Washington, and an injury-ridden blowout loss to Utah. Ranked No. 17 in the country, head coach Jonathan Smith and his team felt like it had a good chance to make a statement against an SEC program.

On the flip side, at 6-6, Florida was coming off of a disappointing season. It was also playing without starting quarterback Anthony Richardson, among other opt-outs. Billy Napier’s first year in Gainesville was not a complete disappointment, but it was not a strong way to come out of the gates.

A win over the Beavers would have gone a long way for the Gators. Instead, they got chomped. Literally.

Oregon State jumped out to a 10-0 lead at halftime and the sideline was rocking as the turnover chainsaw made its Sin City debut.

To close out the beatdown, the Beavers capped a 13-play, 98-yard drive with seven points. They took a 30-0 lead into the fourth quarter.

From there, Florida went out very, very sad.

The Gators got the ball back with just over five minutes left and drove 64 yards on 12 plays. They were unable to punch it into the end zone.

Where neither a field goal nor a touchdown would have helped bring the game back, Napier sent out his kicking team to avoid the shutout. Adam Mihalek made the kick with 37 seconds left and put his team on the board.

While avoiding a shutout might look better on paper (it doesn’t), the nature in which it was broken was demoralizing. As Mihalek lined up for the kick, Oregon State defensive back Ryan Cooper Jr. did the Gator Chomp and waved goodbye as if it was Fortnite right in his face.

Cooper did Florida so dirty, but it was well-deserved. The Beavers earned the right to Chomp for eternity. Or, at the very least, until the two teams meet again.

Tough look for the Gators…

Written by Grayson Weir

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