Oregon High School Football Coaches Getting Frustrated With State Over Lack Of Communication

Officials still don’t know if Oregon high school sports will be played this spring, and with practice just a week away, that’s a problem. High school coaches are starting to get irritated and rightfully so. But aren’t these the same complaints the middle class gave our federal government?

Seems like coaches and the middle class have a ton in common: They’re sick of hindsight heroes like Dr. Fauci providing uncertain futures and calling it science.

According to the Oregon Health Authority, teams are allowed to begin practice today — except for full-contact sports.

“Give us a go or no-go,” Central Catholic football coach Steve Pyne said. “I’m good with either. I’d rather have the go, but if it’s a no-go, at least you know what you’re dealing with. We’ve been having our kids come and do workouts since September. That’s six months of grinding and keeping the carrot in front of them, and nothing.”

The Oregon School Activities Association director Peter Weber had this to say:

“We’ve been pointing at our meeting this Monday with practices getting ready to start and things like that. Ideally, we would have a decision. Obviously we don’t set a deadline on the governor. It doesn’t work that way, but that’s what we’ve been pointing out because obviously people want to know, plans need to be made.”

Lake Oswego coach Steve Coury echoed the same sentiments:

“I just don’t understand. The last I heard, they were going to come out Monday with some sort of announcement. We’re supposed to start Monday. That just didn’t make a lot of sense to me,” Coury said.

“I get all the danger for the people that caught this vicious thing. But I think the big picture with the kids and what they’re suffering. I think that’s got to be part of the equation. In my opinion, it’s essential for youth to have this socialization, this schooling, this competition, being together with their friends, getting some kind of normalcy. It’s going to have major effects on kids down the road.”

What to make of this

No matter what our federal government or officials responsible for Oregon’s high school sports say–we can all agree that they’re uncertain. They may shut it down, but they also might let ’em play. If you don’t believe that, then look no further than statements from Dr. Fauci over the past year.

“Flatten the curve,” Fauci said. Remember “Do your part” that led to a record-setting suicide rate and our children sitting in front of flat screens all day? It seems Dr. Fauci and officials responsible for our current lifestyles want complete authority with no accountability. Parents mostly want to play, but every parent of these children want an answer for the future. They won’t get one though because our elected officials are nothing more than hindsight champions.

When you allow complete authority with no sign of certainty, you get headlines like this:

Just a year ago, Dr. Fauci told us that President Donald Trump’s travel ban was overblown and unnecessary–he even implied that it was racist. But now parents are asking for officials to do their jobs and follow the science to a decision. Most adults with common sense know “trusting the science” should lead to full-contact practices starting today, but we also understand it’s a slogan used for control. “Trust the science” is a slogan hand-crafted to control the minds of millions to do as our leaders say without question.

It’s a shame we’re destroying the livelihoods of our future adults to save people that mostly already had the chance to live a peaceful life. According to BMJ.com, the suicide rate is up 145% amongst children since March of last year. Is this all worth it?

Hopefully someone in charge can make a decision to help our children before they start making mistakes we can’t reverse.

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

Gary Sheffield Jr is the son of should-be MLB Hall of Famer, Gary Sheffield. He covers basketball and baseball for OutKick.com, chats with the Purple and Gold faithful on LakersNation, and shitposts on Twitter. You can follow him at GarySheffieldJr


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  1. I agree, another great article from Gary. I live in a suburb, 20 minutes outside of Portland, OR, and it’s been a tragedy how the governor and teachers have handled this. They have continued to keep the schools closed and there’s no end in sight. The “on line learning” is a complete joke. The kids here are truly suffering and the governor nor teacher unions don’t give a damn.

    Back in 2015, I voted in support of a bond measure in my area, 2 new grade schools were built, the high school near me was expanded and modernized, and 2 other high schools were rebuilt. I thought it was important for kids to have proper infrastructure and technology. And now all those school buildings have sat empty for 11 months. Never again, never again will I vote any school bond measures. This is all a tragedy for the kids. And Dr. Fraud-ci is a lying, 2 faced, disgusting human being. This guy doesn’t give a dam about the tragic effects of all this. He and his democrat buddies and teacher unions only care about power.

  2. Great Article Gary.

    The tyrannical government expert class is the issue not the covid flu. Ruling Bureaucrats that never have to answer for their harmful actions are the real virus on the country. We are well past the “cure” being worse than the virus.

    Take tonight’s cancelled UNC vs UM game. Was the game cancelled because a player or coached tested positive? No it was cancelled because pictures of UNC healthy athletes attending a party after the Duke win this past weekend. Oh the horror follow the Science.

    March of the Morons continue.

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