Oregon GameDay Sign Compares UCLA SAT Scores, Brutal Attendance

ESPN’s College GameDay was in Eugene, Oregon this morning as the Oregon Ducks prepare to take on the UCLA Bruins. As per usual, signs were out in full force including one that tried to hit the Bruins where it hurts: squarely in their attendance figures.

It’s been seen multiple times this season that UCLA is having a tough time drawing fans to the Rose Bowl.

Check out the crowd for UCLA’s ranked, conference matchup against Utah.

Oof. Not good, and definitely not celebratory cake worthy.

When entire sections of the stadium need to be tarped off to sell a few ads, then ticket sales aren’t exactly going great.

The Rose Bowl has looked like a barren wasteland during some UCLA home games which led to an Oregon fan asking which is higher: the school’s gameday attendance or their average SAT score?

Let’s find out, shall we?

The average accepted UCLA student’s SAT score, per PrepScholar, is a combined 1405.

There would seem to be no way, that their attendance could be lower than that, but look at the pictures again and the “maybes” start to creep in.

UCLA drew 27,143 fans for their September 3 game against Bowling State. That’s a record-low since the team moved to the Rose Bowl in 1982.

In fairness to them, it’s still higher than their average SAT score.

Although it’s not a good sign for the Bruins that when someone brings up this question, you kind of want to know the answer because it’s closer than it should be.

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Written by Matt Reigle

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  1. I don’t understand why you guys are pushing this somewhat exaggerated story again. The pictures you show are pre-game and no one in L.A. gets to a game by kickoff. Now you can tell I am not a fan of anything UCLA, but this is what the fake news media does – showing pictures that exaggerate the point they are trying to make. Now in fairness to Outkicks’ unfairness, UCLA only had 42,000 for very important PAC-12 game so their attendance is still pretty poor. I take great pleasure in anything that disparages the Bruins, but c’mon Outkick the picture you showed was incredibly slanted – again.

    • 47% attendance for a ranked on ranked conference matchup when you’re undefeated is embarrassing enough to justify some exaggeration. And he didn’t just show the pics he backed it up with some actual stats as well. That stadium looks like a Biden “rally” 😂

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