Oregon AD Wants Ducks To Show Ohio State ‘What Pac-12 Football Is Like’

The Pac-12 hasn’t been to the College Football Playoff since Washington got thrashed by Alabama 24-7 back in 2016. I’m sure Oregon athletic director Rob Mullens knows that, but he still wants the Ducks to show Ohio State “what Pac-12 football is like” when they welcome the Buckeyes to Autzen Stadium in Eugene on Sept. 11.

That matchup was supposed to take place in Eugene last year, but due to the COVID pandemic, neither the Big Ten nor the Pac-12 played out-of-conference games. That means that this will be our chance to see the two face off for the first time since the national title game in 2015.

Mullens recently appeared on Sirius XM with Ryan Leaf and Guy Haberman. Considering the Oregon-Ohio State game is expected to be one of the best non-conference matchups of the season, it was an obvious talking point during the interview.

“This league has won more national championships, when you combine all sports, than anybody,” Mullens said. “But at the end of the day, because of the visibility of football, that carries a disproportionate share of all of these college conferences. We have to take advantage of our opportunities. A lot of those come in the postseason, but we’re going to have some great opportunities in the non-conference segment this fall.

“We’ll have one, even though it’s Game 2 and we’re focused on Game 1 … but the chance to take a trip to Ohio State — we would’ve loved to have them last year — but the chance to go out and compete against what many believe will be a top three, top five team on the road, will give us a chance to show what Pac-12 football is like.”

Hopefully it’s not the same Pac-12 we’ve seen in the previous matchups between these two teams. The Ducks have never beaten the Buckeyes in nine attempts, including the 22-point blowout loss in 2015.

At some point, something’s got to give.

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Written by Clint Lamb

Clint Lamb is a College Football Writer for OutKick. Managing Editor for Roll Tide Wire. Sports radio host for The Bullpen on 730/103.9 The UMP. Co-host for The 'Bama Beat podcast through The Tuscaloosa News and TideSports.com.


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  1. Veiled threats and trash talk has more often backfired than succeeded over the last 6000 years or so. I caution against it. Even the Bible has a specific scenario where trash talk backfired. You’re asking for it. After countless threats from another king who had him surrounded, the king of Israel finally responds to the trash talk with…

    “Tell him, ‘Let not him who straps on his armor boast himself as he who takes it off.’””
    ‭‭1 Kings‬ ‭20:11‬ ‭

    Fast forward to the end…they fight and Israel wins handily.

  2. So the AD means get your ass stomped by any quality opponent outside of your conference during the Reg season? Then win a bowl game you are the under dogs in by double digits? Cause in my opinion thats what the Pac 12 Football and Basketball are…underperform, underperform, underperform, then bam win a big game and fuck up my picks…Fuck the Pac 12…hell no one sees there games for the obvious reasons…1- They are on late, most of the Sports networks don’t feel comfortable broadcasting the major PAC 12 games over Big 12, Big 10, and SEC games that have much better audiences, fans, players, culture, etc…So the networks end up showing the PAC 12 marquee matchups at like 11:00pm EST…yawn…snore, groan and grumble….I could not tell you the last good team that came out of the PAC 12… i think Oregon went to the playoffs once…Not sure how. 2- Players-Award winners; Heisman Winners-The last player of substance from the PAC 12???? Shit who knows…was it Marcus Mariota? While the Big 12, SEC, Big 10 are just chalked full of NFL talent…the PAC 12 has had one Heisman winner in the last 15-16 years, the aforementioned Mariota in 2014. You have to go back to the USC teams that won 34 straight…of course that record was changed to exclude 14 of those wins due to violations from players, in particular Reggie Bush. The Pac 12 is just not comparable from top to bottom with the Big 12, The Big 10, SEC, or the ACC. I would make the argument that what we refer to as mid level or mid tier conferences have surpassed the Pac 12. Conferences like the AAC, Conf USA, Mountain West, the Mid-American, Sun Belt conference, all are now on par with the Pac 12 in nearly ever regard,,,from recruiting to facilities.
    3- the game are just terrible…the rivalries. are terrible..when I was young the USC-UCLA game was great matchup! UCLA has not been relevant in awhile….Stanford-Cal, The Civil War with Oregon State and Oregon…these are the worst rivalry games in college football. Look through the other conferences and they are just jammed with great games and great Rivalries! Big 12- OU-Texas which is year and year out one of top games..The Bedlam Game Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State, while the Sooners still hold the vast lead in the series and Gundy is 2-15 against OU, the games are always tight and exciting…and for the better part of 12 years that game has decided the Big 12 Champion and often a top bowl game and even a playoff slot, Kansas-K-State, Iowa State v K-State, Texas v Baylor, Texas v Texas Tech, Texas v Oklahoma State, basically everyone hates Texas. The Big 10 of course has some of the oldest and most storied matchups with of course Michigan v Ohio State being the big one there. The SEC has numerous ones as well with The Iron bowl being most impactful in recent years, Alabama v Auburn. So Mr. A.D. of any PAC 12 school…maybe you guys should drop football and focus on other sports like maybe “Futbol” that might be a big hit out there! Considering it is a sport designed and played by majority communist/socialist countries! Shit, that sounds like a great ideal! Fuck the Pac 12…land of the commies, home of the stupid.

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