Opponent Awed By Aaron Donald: ‘No Flaws In His Game’

Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald doesn’t get as much publicity as other NFL stars. He’s never appeared on a Madden cover, doesn’t have a signature shoe, and generally avoids the spotlight. What he does have is three NFL Defensive Player of the Year awards, six All-Pro selections and the unanimous respect of his NFL peers. Most recently, Donald was gifted the label of “flawless” by someone who spends his Sundays avoiding Donald’s grasp.

“I don’t even have the words to describe this guy,” said Patriots running back Damien Harris. “Personally, to me, I think he’s the best to ever do what he’s done. “I think he’s the best defensive player this game has ever seen. His physical dominance, his technique, his power, his strength, his speed, his quickness — there are no flaws in his game.”

As Harris sees it, Donald presents an enormous challenge for opposing offenses: “Having someone that’s that explosive and that disruptive right in the middle of your offense, it’s a problem. And it’s been a problem for a lot of teams. It’s been a problem for a lot of years. That’s why he continues to be Defensive Player of the Year time after time. Aaron Donald is the best of the best year in and year out and everybody knows it.”

Though he finished second to Patrick Mahomes in the NFL Network’s list of the league’s Top 100 players, make no mistake, Donald is in a class of his own. His unmatched talents will be on full display when Los Angeles opens the season by hosting the Bears on Sunday night.



Written by Anthony Farris

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