OnlyScams? X-Rated Site Outsourcing Sexts

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Hard as it may be to believe, those sexy texts you’re exchanging with the perky 22-year-old OnlyFans model whose carpet apparently matches the drapes likely aren’t coming from her.

According to the fine folks at Mel Magazine, who are doing the dirty work so you don’t have to, there’s a decent chance that the person sexting you is some random girl or guy firing off eggplant emojis and sexy slang on behalf of OnlyFans models in exchange for a share in the profits.

“Almost every creator that I know uses a management company (to text),” said a former OnlyFans model using the pseudonym “Lara,” per Mel Magazine.

OnlyFans models generally advertise the option of texting with fans for an additional fee, and plenty of horny, obese subscribers who work part-time and live in a duplex have seized the opportunity to have models text them their most intimate wants and desires. So many, in fact, that responding to multiple texts has apparently become overwhelming and time consuming, and models have now hired others to share the workload.

“Once you get over a certain number of subscribers, it’s an impossible task to handle the messaging alone,” says Lara.

“Sarah,” another OnlyFans model identifying herself under an assumed name, claims she’s one of the few top models not going the route of Manti Te’o’s former non-existent flame.

“It’s very common for top creators to have assistants and sexters,” said Sarah, per Mel Magazine. “If a creator is in the top one percent or they’re at the top of lists like ‘Hottest MILF’ or ‘Best Blonde,’ they have literal teams that work around the clock — many of which are men.”

Who saw that coming?

Lara explains that assistants or management companies who handle sexting duties for OnlyFans models generally take about 30% of the monthly profits from site performers. But that 30% cut leads to a bigger audience and a growing number of paying subscribers.

“I saw a huge increase in my sales and my mental health when I was able to just hand the keys over to someone else and only focus on creating the content,” Lara told Mel Magazine.

Per their terms of service: OnlyFans forbids anyone other than the creator to access a page as far as content creation and interaction goes. So technically, any creator having someone text back on her behalf is in violation of the site’s terms.

But something tells me that sexting imposters via a paid subscription site aren’t priority No. 1 for law enforcement.

So for the time being, you might want to keep in mind that your text request for the luscious Leslie could very well be answered by luscious Larry instead. You’ve been warned.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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