OnlyFans Model Outs DK Metcalf For Wanting To Have A Foursome As If That’s A Big Deal

Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf is a single man in Seattle just trying to live the life of a multi-millionaire NFL player and along comes some OnlyFans ‘model’ — using that loosely here — named Tori Lynn who comes along and outs the guy for how he’s been handling his relationship with the woman who charges $15 a month to see her content.

In a series of videos posted to social media and downloaded by Egotastic Sports, Tori Lynn explains how the Seahawks wide receiver, whom she has visited a time or two, recently summoned her to his place for a little quality time.

Tori, being a good teammate, got in her car and headed for DK’s house. At some point along her journey she gives DK her estimated time of arrival, but there’s a huge problem and DK tells her she might as well turn around.

Here’s what allegedly set off the OnlyFans model: DK was at the bar trying to land two other fish, then add Tori Lynn to the mix and have himself a foursome. DK’s doing the timing in his head and he’s busy working on two ladies while Tori Lynn’s on her way to his house. It’s a huge timing issue. He has multiple things running through his head.

DK’s trying to run the two-minute drill and Tori Lynn gets all offended.

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Look here, Tori Lynn. DK Metcalf is a 23-year-old NFL wide receiver. The guy is clearly looking to live the NFL wide receiver lifestyle. That means there are nights where (alleged) foursomes might develop and there are nights when the guy might just be looking to settle in for a quiet night of steak and whatever else happens.

And here you go getting all offended when DK tells you he was trying to throw together a foursome. This is the N…F…L, babe. That stands for Not For Long, and it appears your days of visiting DK’s house for steak and Netflix are officially over.

Tori Lynn comes off as thinking her and DK are more than just a random hookup. That maybe this would lead to tickets in the girlfriend section of Lumen Field. That maybe this would lead to some wine and cheese nights in front of a fireplace during the holidays.

Outing the guy for trying to throw together a foursome is some of the softest firepower in athlete outing history. DK was enough of a gentleman to call you to see if you’d be interested in joining. It’s not like he kicked you to the curb. You just chose not to join in the fun.

That’s on you, Tori Lynn.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. She is verifying Dunning/ Kruger….so dumb she doesn’t even know it. She is getting ran through like a HS halftime banner and then will wonder where all the men are at when she hits 30 and has 4 cats.

    • Make Shame Great Again

      If people want to live in a decent society then we are going to have to bring back some degree of shame.

      People do not understand this. They complain about the direction of where our country is headed and fail to see a correlation

      • Amen brother. This is a SAD story for me, not cute. Pathetic actually. This isn’t what real men do. Hope he enjoys looking like a fool with these heartless women who’ve been used more than the public toilets at the football stadium. It’ll be a wonderful story the future Mrs. Metcalf and his future kids now have documented about dad for perpetuity. Probably didn’t think about that I bet.

  2. Have to say I’m pretty disappointed in DK for getting wrapped up in this perverted filth publicly, and with no apparent shame at all. He has a TON of little boys watching him as someone they look up to, and this is what he’s proud of? Something has certainly changed. He came into the NFL publicly outspoken about his Christian faith, saying things like he would “use football to spread the Gospel”. He’s even a member of Prison Fellowship, which seeks to minister to men in prison.

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