OnlyFans Model Says It Was A Miracle That Electricians Didn’t Catch Her Making Content

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Saved by a dead battery. That’s Naomi Tibbles’ story and she’s sticking to it. She’s turning it into some TikTok content as well. Which is nothing new for the often deleted Australian content creator.

Naomi, who was pretty obviously kicked out of a beachside bar for having a sex toy sticking out of her bag, was seconds away from filming some OnlyFans content when she noticed her phone needed a charge.

OnlyFans Model Naomi Tibbles Content
OnlyFans model almost caught making content by the electricians (Image Credit: Naomi Tibbles/TikTok)

The OnlyFans model had the scene set where she was housesitting for some backyard action, but headed back inside to plug her phone in. As she did, the electricians unexpectedly arrived to do some work on the house.

It turns out they were about 30 seconds away from a show that others pay their hard earned money for. Naomi called the fact that she didn’t give away a free show a “miracle.”

Not being caught filming content isn’t the first thing I think of when I hear the word miracle, but who I am I to say that it wasn’t? You can’t earn a living by handing out freebies.

Naomi detailed the close encounter or “miracle,” if you want to call it that, on TikTok. She started the video by saying, “I’m at this house that I’m sitting, looking after the chickens and the dog and the cat.”

“Anyway, no one told me that the electricians were coming today and about 30 seconds before they knocked on the door, I was about to start filming content.”

As she’s describing what nearly took place she turns the camera to show a blanket laid out in the grass with her giant content light.

Oh The Walking In On An OnlyFans Model Story That Could Have Been Told

“Yeah you know exactly what I’m talking about,” she continues. “Now if you have a look down here, you can see, you can see my light setup.”

Naomi walks down for a closer look while showing the electrician walking around and adds, “I mean when I say miracle, I mean it’s a f*cking miracle. Seriously.”


That was wayyyyy too close 🤣🤣 could you imagine?! 😳 actually might’ve made a pretty good scene.. if you know what I mean 😜 hahaha! #lol #funny #funnyvideos #soclose #caught #caughtout #entertainment #farmlife #chickens #chickensoftiktok #filming #filmingday #fashion #cowgirl #cowboy #fyp #foryou #foryoupage

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That electrician was walking around completely oblivious. He probably still has no idea how close he was to the beginning of one of those cheesy plots from the best in adult cinema.

If I had to guess, I’d say it’s likely the story of his life. Walking in on the OnlyFans model filming content would have been told in that family for generations had it actually happened. So close.

As for Naomi, it’s hard enough trying to grow her subscriber numbers when the social media platforms are repeatedly shutting down her accounts. She can’t be giving away content, not even to an electrician or two.

Written by Sean Joseph

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