Influencer Making Noise On TikTok As The ‘Waffle House Blondie’ With Jaw-Dropping Videos Documenting Her Shifts

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The Waffle House isn’t just for late night stops after one too many drinks or for the occasional brawl that gets out of hand and goes viral. If you have the mind of a content creator it can also be a place to create a steady stream of jaw-dropping videos.

Or at least if you have the uniform and access to a restaurant kitchen. That can also be used to create the Waffle House content.

It’s unclear if a social media influencer, who goes by the name Sweet Darling Kelly on TikTok and describes herself as the “blondie working at wafflehouse” in her bio, actually works at one of the locations or not.

What is clear from her content is that she’s taken her documenting of her supposed Waffle House shifts to the next level. A level that often requires Kelly to wear tight leggings. Not surprisingly that has helped her collect 19k followers on the platform.

Videos of her supposedly working overtime shifts have started to pickup some attention too. She shakes her booty, drops a caption like “I’m single thats why i work overtime…” and before you know it the videos have tens of thousands of views.


my boss told me to wear this🙄

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The Waffle House Blondie’s documented “shifts” oftentimes do take place in a kitchen of some sort. It’s true she is wearing what appears to be a Waffle House uniform as well.

But the leaning into the Waffle House, with the volume of content, and the use of the hashtag raises some suspicion about the intent of the content.

OnlyFans Has Claimed Another Model

That’s when a closer look at Kelly’s TikTok bio reveals what might really be going on here. Her bio states, right underneath the “blondie working at wafflehouse” that she has a “secret on ig.”

When you look her up on Instagram the secret is revealed. This Waffle House Blondie is looking for tips of a different kind. She’s on OnlyFans serving up waffles for $6 a month. That’s right she’s not just any influencer, she’s also an OnlyFans model.

The whole Waffle House angle is all about promotion and it’s all some sort of treasure hunt. When you land on her OnlyFans you’re greeted with a message that reads, “yeees you got it. Are you ready to make some waffles together? I’ll handle the dough and maybe you can help me with the sirop … deal?”

The clever influencer then invites whoever has landed there to see her other side free from the stresses of work and invites them to slide into the DMs.

Not since the model making millions making pancakes in her lingerie have I seen such a thing. Something tells me the Waffle House Blondie is well on her way to financial success as well.

Written by Sean Joseph

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