OnlyFans Model & Leicester Superfan Offers Team Free Lifetime Subscriptions If They Beat The Spurs

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Leicester City has a lot riding on Saturday’s match against Tottenham. They’re currently at the bottom of the Premier League standings, having gone winless in their first six matches.

Finally putting one in the win column isn’t the only thing that Leicester has to look forward to should they pull off the upset. Social media influencer Bonnie Brown, who has a presence on just about every platform – including OnlyFans and Fanvue, has come up with some extra motivation.

She’s offering her favorite soccer team free lifetime subscriptions to her Fanvue, which is a subscription based service similar to OnlyFans, if they beat the Spurs.

If this doesn’t work, nothing will

When asked about the offer and whether or not any of the team already follows her, she said, “I’m not kissing and telling on which players’ already follow me, but I’m hoping a blanket offer for free lifetime subscriptions if they beat Spurs this weekend will spur them on.”

“They’ve been firing blanks under Brendan so far this season, so I reckon my cheeky offer might help turn them on – to turn it around.”

Nothing brings people together like sports. You absolutely love to see it. I’m not even a soccer fan but this is something even I can follow.

While the sport itself could use some changes to make it more entertaining, the fans don’t have to change a thing. Soccer fans are some of the most entertaining fans in all of sports.

Offers like this one make all of the running around much more entertaining. Good luck, Leicester. It sounds like you’re going to need it.

Written by Sean Joseph

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