OnlyFans Model ‘Embarrassed’ After Getting Kicked Off Skating Rink For Wearing A Miniskirt

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An OnlyFans model in Wales had a recent trip to a skating rink ruined by an “old bag.” Lowri Rose, a content creator from Cardiff, Wales, attempted to do a little ice skating in a miniskirt at a festival called Winter Wonderland.

Hitting the ice in a miniskirt, while cold, seems perfectly reasonable. Especially when you consider that this particular miniskirt comes with shorts built in. This added feature prevents any issues with oversharing with others.

OnlyFans Model 'Embarrassed' After Getting Kicked Off Skating Rink
OnlyFans model breaks down getting kicked off ice skating rink (Image Credit: Lowri Rose/TikTok)

Despite the built in precaution the outfit was deemed inappropriate by a fellow skater. The fellow skater complained to the rink staff about Lowri’s miniskirt and the blonde content creator was asked to cover up in order to continue skating.

This request was not an option for the OnlyFans model. She instead decided to turn the incident into content for TikTok, because the content game never sleeps. While doing so she showed off the miniskirt in question and took shots at the complainer.

Lowri said, “Hating on me won’t make your tits any bigger or your husband hate you less.”

She went on to explain how embarrassing being pulled of the ice was. She then questioned why she was pulled off the ice in the first place. “Would this happen if I didn’t look like this?,” Lowry asked. “I don’t think so.”

No Days Off For A Successful OnlyFans Model

Part of me thinks Lowri knew exactly what she was doing and expected her outfit to receive some negative attention. I looked up the temperature in Cardiff, Wales today. It’s 41 degrees Fahrenheit.

That doesn’t sound like half sweater and miniskirt weather to me. It’s true it could have been a little warmer when this incident took place and Lowri had her day ruined.

I’m not even hating on the outfit. Who doesn’t like a trip to the ice rink with the family to have plenty of variety? It looks like a situation where an outfit was worn to get a reaction. I get it.

We could also have the intentions of the so-called “Karen” all wrong. Maybe she was just looking out for everyone on the the rink that day. Maybe she worried the heat from the outfit would melt the ice. You can’t be too safe these days.

Written by Sean Joseph

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