OnlyFans Fugitive Mom Brags About Earnings While Evading Police

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A tatted-up trainwreck OnlyFans model mother of six, who says she’s wanted by international authorities, claims her life on the run has been incredibly profitable thanks to the $7,000 boobs her husband paid for in 2017.

Lisa Marie Mathers, 30, says she’s wanted by the International Criminal Police Organization — Interpol — over some legal battle in Norway. The self-described “MILF next door” went viral this week after claiming she’s living in Scotland and making six figures a month from guys seeking out the trainwreck type on the adult-content site.

While Lisa Marie won’t go into details on why she’s a wanted fugitive in Norway, the mom just trying to make ends meet via her bolt-ons did note that leaving Scotland would be bad news.

After starting her career working stripper poles, Lisa Marie quickly learned that being called to the stage by DJ Dubb was a dead-end, so she decided to go pro in something other than stripping — she went to school to get an English degree.

Wrong move.

Lisa Marie, who has made it a career of taking wrong turns, had a life-changing moment in 2017 when her husband, Paul, who works as an engineer, bought her new boobs. This August, the trainwreck mom who can’t leave Scotland over fears she’ll be thrown in a Norwegian prison, began her OnlyFans career and is on track to become a $115,000 per month OnlyFans creator, according to the German agency that manages her career.

Here’s the problem as I see it for Lisa Marie — she can’t enjoy the money being holed up in Scotland. Yeah, so you make $100k a month to dump out the bolt-ons, but you can’t even hit up Ibiza or Cancun with those rockets without Interpol capturing your ass and shipping you back to Norway to answer to unspecified charges.

No thanks.

Scotland seems cool and all, but having a pile of f-you money and rarely seeing the sunshine and 85 degrees sounds like an awful existence.

“I don’t even have to leave the house. It’s the perfect career when you’ve got six kids,” Lisa Marie told The Sun.

“Sometimes I’m up all night making videos but I don’t mind. I love it.”

Yeah, but what happens when you start jonesing for a trip to Thailand or Santorini?

Good luck, Lisa Marie.

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