Omaha, Omaha! Peyton Manning Frequently Audibles When It’s Time To Text

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When Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning was playing, he always seemed to dial up the right play. Off the field, he’s not quite as efficient, especially when it comes to texting. Manning frequently audibles away from traditional text responses, leaving friends and family as confused as the defenses he once so often torched.

“I’m not even asking him a question, or I am asking him a question — and I need a yes or no, or to know what time he’s getting in tomorrow — I just get like the ‘ok’ emoji,” Eli Manning said of Peyton’s confusing texts via former NFL kicker Morten Anderson’s Great Dane Nation podcast.

“I don’t know what that means,” added Eli.

Oddly placed emojis aren’t Peyton’s only texting faux pas. Rather than type out a response, Peyton prefers to take the less traveled route when replying.

“And now, if he has something to say — if it’s too long to text and he actually has to use words or write a sentence — he doesn’t text that anymore. He leaves a voice memo,” Eli told Anderson. “So he texts you what he wants to say, but he doesn’t actually have a conversation.”

One Manning who can have a normal texting conversation is Archie Manning, Peyton and Eli’s father. In fact, Archie seems more equipped to start a text thread than his Hall of Fame son.

“(Archie) texts more than a 13-year-old girl,” said Eli.

Instead of discussing the birds and the bees, maybe it’s time for father and son to have a heart-to-heart about emojis.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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