Woman Arrested For Trying To Douse Olympic Torch

A woman in Tokyo was arrested for attempting to extinguish the Olympic torch with a water gun, further proof that idiocy is a global problem, not just an American one.

In the lead-up to the Tokyo Olympic Games on July 23, the anti-Games protester called for an end to the global event out of fear that it will invite a spike in coronavirus cases.

Kayoko Takahashi, 53, aimed her toy water pistol at a group of people partaking in a ceremonial carrying of the Olympic torch. She sprayed the celebration in an attempt to put out the flame. An individual holding a plastic shield pushed Takahashi off before she was apprehended.

A local deputy police chief at the scene told VICE, “You can’t shoot water at people for no good reason. She clearly wasn’t playing around—this isn’t child’s play.”

According to an announcement released on Thursday, the Olympic events in Tokyo will be held without spectators due to a recent rise in COVID cases. Japan (15%) continues to fall way behind in vaccination efforts compared to the U.S. (47%).

According to the Reuters report, Hotori Amano, the protester's long-time partner, told the news outlet that he was unaware of her plans to shoot water during the ceremony.

Despite her radical views, he still has his sights on her.

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