Olympian Wants To Cancel Popular Snowboarding Term

Olympic snowboarder Chloe Kim wants to rename the popular term “slut strands.”

The 21-year-old two-time gold medalist spoke to InStyle about the hairstyle worn by women snowboarders, which features two pieces of hair sticking out from underneath their helmets.

Yahoo Sports reports the goal is for women to show that it is a woman hitting the slopes under all that gear by pulling out two strands of hair — the outlet reports that “slut strands” have been celebrated all over social media as women snowboarders dominated the Olympics this year, but Kim wishes that there was another name for the style.

"We need to change the name to beauty strands," Kim told the outlet. "I hate the term. Beauty strands make me feel beautiful, and it's such a cute thing."

While Kim may not like the term, not everyone wants to change it.

Yahoo Sports reports that a Denver-based activewear company named itself Slut Strand Society after the popular term and defines the term on its website while acknowledging it may have problematic connotations to some.

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