Olympics Double Down On Wokeness, Eliminate Long Standing Event In Name Of Gender Equity

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If you’ve ever witnessed a person with a full bladder beeline his or her way to a bathroom 50 feet away, you’re familiar with the Olympic sport of race walking.

The sport consists of race-walking your way to victory over a 50 km (~31 miles) stretch, which is much more grueling than it sounds.

Introduced as an Olympic sport in 1932, the event will make its final appearance at the Games this year — at least, in its original format — after officials deemed the competition unfair because these same officials haven’t created a women’s version of the same competition.

According to the report from, “The Olympic committee has decided the race does not fit with its stated mission of gender equality. It is the only event on the Olympic program that has no approximate equivalent for women. Rather than add a women’s race, they will bring in an unspecified mixed-team race walking event.”

They came, they saw and they sashayed their way into your hearts. Not anymore. These Olympic athletes will no longer be able to participate in their sport because biological women don’t have a chance … something that the Olympics committee has certainly overlooked in recent memory.

In the report, a dedicated follower of the sport gave his thoughts on abandoning the event over a political agenda:

“Unless the situation takes a drastic U-turn somewhere down the road, and don’t get your hopes up about it – the (Tokyo) 50 km champion will be the 20th and last in an amazing series. Sadly, you’ll need to go to the list of ‘discontinued events’ to get the names of all those past winners. The event has been full of all these gutsy guys over the years, slogging it out on the roads of Olympic cities from those ‘down under.’

“Truth be told, they loved every step of their long journeys. They loved reminding people their event was the ‘longest and the toughest.’ And now, for all that effort, they’re being told to ‘go take a hike.’ …”

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Written by Alejandro Avila

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  1. If the Chinese Communist Party is allowed to host the “winter games” next year, the Olympics will die with that decision. There will be a massive boycott of the Bejing games with alternative competiions set up around the world and nations will recognize that he Olympiad as it was founded doesn’t exist.

    When a nation like the Chinese Communist Party runs is provided the opportunity to host while striking down people protesting for their freedom in Hong Kong, while they have massive re-education camps across the nation imprisoning millions of political prisoners, and concentration camps holding Uyghurs for slave labor, they do not deserve to host.

    Companies like Nike profit from the slave labor in Chinese Communist Party labor camps. Nike is a huge sponsor of the Olympics.

  2. In the name of gender equality I recommend everyone watch the Star Wars shop owner arguing with a man dressed in woman’s clothes. It’s refreshing. There are multiple videos. The guys my hero. The store owner I mean, I don’t want to confuse you bc there are actually 2 guys in the video, but one thinks he’s a she.

    • wow…thanks for the 1 & 2 are worth the watch…some comments indicate the owner was a Vietnam vet as well…If I am ever in Aberdeen I am def buying SOMETHING from him..welcome to the New & Improved America

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