Olympic Gold Medalist Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce Challenged By Parent Ahead Of Viral Race

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A woman in Jamaica grossly overestimated her speed when she challenged Olympic gold medalist Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce to a race.

Earlier this year, a video of Fraser-Price annihilating parents during a race at her kid’s school went viral.

In a recent interview, the three-time Olympic gold medalist revealed that a mom was talking smack before the race.

“Two weeks beforehand she started sending me photos of her working out in the gym. And then she told me she was coming for me!” Fraser-Pryc told The Guardian. “I was like, ‘You can’t be serious girl!’”

Oh, but this woman — whose confidence I wish I had even a fraction of — was very serious.

“And when we got to sports day, she even started giving me the eyes, trying to psych me out.”

Fraser-Pryce said that her husband and son failed to win their Sports Day races, which meant it was up to mom to put a Fraser-Pryce on the podium’s top step.

That’s when she threw on her spikes and smoked all the other moms, including the one who was talking a big game.

Can you imagine thinking you could train for two weeks and then beat an eight-time Olympic medalist at their sport? That’s just complete and utter lunacy.

Still, that woman tried and was quickly shown why the 36-year-old Fraser-Pryce is one of the planet’s best sprinters.

If I feel sorry for anyone, it’s that over-confident mom’s kids. Any time something embarrassing happens to a kid, that becomes their identity for the rest of their school career. Everyone has stories about “the kid who ripped his pants in gym class” or “the girl who simultaneously sneezed and farted during the spelling bee.”

This lady’s kids will have to live with something similar. They’ll have to keep going to that school while other kids call them “the kids whose mom thought she was faster than an Olumpican but instead made an ass out of herself on the internet.”

It’s a little wordy, yes, but it’ll still sting.

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