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Olympic Gold Medalist Said Athletes Got Bored, Listened In On Others Having Sex

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By now, everyone knows that Olympians have a lot of sex during the games, but one former gold medalist admitted that other athletes sometimes get bored and listen through the walls, as well.

British heptathlon standout Denise Lewis shared the cheeky confession on a local television show. Apparently she and others made a habit out of the harmless eavesdropping during the 2000 games in Sydney; after all, there’s a lot of down time in Olympic village.

Lewis said: “I do recall one occasion where there was someone literally at it, and I got a phone call. Someone was in the next room to someone who was getting their groove on, and so we piled into the room next door.”

“Well, we were bored. Bored.”

Young, good-looking, peak performance athletes all huddled together in a few dorms certainly makes for a hotbed of activity. The governing body of the Olympics knows this fact all too well, often handing out hundreds of thousands of condoms to promote safe sex while abroad.

This past summer’s Tokyo village, obviously marred by COVID, marked the first time organizers seemed to actively try to dissuade the bedroom antics, famously installing cardboard beds which were designed to support the weight of one body only.

Tokyo officials did hand out the reported 160,000 condoms that were customary pre-pandemic, but officials spun the gesture as an international AIDS awareness campaign, considering athletes were strictly forbidden from unnecessary socializing.

Written by TK Sanders

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