Olympian Katie Ledecky Absolutely Dominates Bizarre Online Challenge

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Five-time gold medalist swimmer Katie Ledecky called it “possibly one of the best swims” of her career. She’s talking about the Got Milk video she shot while swimming with a glass of milk on her head. That’s high praise from a woman who set world records at the 2016 Olympic Games in the 400 and 800 freestyle.

But it’s this major accomplishment over 50m that has Katie fired up. Let’s be honest here for a minute. 99.9% of us couldn’t even balance the glass on our heads while lowering our bodies into the water and pushing off the wall. I have trouble holding onto my Busch Light while swimming with one arm in my pool.

Now I need to know how many takes before Katie accomplished this. Were there any spills with like five meters to go? Any bloopers that would be fun to watch or is this simply a one-and-done situation. If it’s a one-and-done, give her all the ESPYs. Make her the sportswoman of the year.

Let’s not forget that 800m freestyle in 2016. It was pretty great:

The Milk Challenge is catching on. What else do people, or mascots, have going on?

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. That swim was SUPER impressive, and yes, I’d like to know the number of takes it took. We all know that she’s uber talented, and the fact that she could even do it once is impressive.

    That being said, I think her 2012 London Olympics swim as a 15-year-old nobody from the US vs. the hometown girl, Rebecca Adlington, was still my favorite Ledecky swim.

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