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Day Two of the Twitter outage

Guys, I’m in full rebuild mode now that I’m into Day Two of the locked Twitter situation. There’s been zero communication from the social network and yet all they need to do to rectify the situation is to help me get the SMS code I’m waiting on.

That has left me scrambling to rebuild lists I use to create the fun here in Screencaps. There are accounts out there who just fit with what we’re trying to accomplish, and I had things all lined up perfectly before the nerds locked my main account.

We’ll get back to normal, but it’s clearly a huge pain in the ass to rebuild what was humming right along into football season.

• Let’s waste no more time whining about locked accounts. Let’s hear from Sam S., who happens to fly a fighter jet for a living.

Sam writes:

I read the morning screencaps every day. As a 21 year active vet of the USAF I have moved 3 times in the last 3 years, and my wife (of 16 years) and my two girls (14 and 12, lawn care professionals in training) are taking being members seriously. I avoid social media like the plague on my own, but what I truly appreciate once I get past all the girls in the screencaps (I say girls purposefully) and get to the true content of your posts, is what is good about social media. And, well, since I am a member of America who grew up on The Chappelle Show, Chris Rock Standup (early 90s was awesome) and Mike Myers to Will Ferrell era SNL (need more cow bell btw) I appreciate you finding the parts of social media that are actually funny, witty, and make me realize that not all social media is bad… it’s still the people behind it for better or worse. And Joe Kinsey, you are an American that encourages me to go to work everyday and someone who define the American that I want to continue to defend as a member of the US military….

That being said, we are now renting, and have told our landlord it is now “Fight’s on” (American Fighter Pilot term where you go from benign air carrier pilot like UPS, to a “fangs out” fighter pilot trying to destroy your adversary in a nanosecond in a little cockpit such as mine in an F-16) with the yard. We paid for all the upgrades by ourselves starting today…power-seeding, new lawnmower, weather gauge for the sprinkler system etc. My goal is that this lawn will be a staple of the TNML universe, and well, I don’t even own it…but you’ll be damn sure I will continue to defend it and people like you as a current member of our fighting US Military and the TNML.


USAF Fighter Pilot


• I’m absolutely honored to hear such a compliment from Sam. I was thinking about this whole social media is a big problem theme that OutKick’s Bobby Burack has been on this week. Look, it’s a big problem when you get caught up in it. I get that people start having mental issues from looking at people acting rich on Instagram 24/7. I get that guys start thinking they need to own a $70k pickup truck that will never carry a load of gravel because their boys on Facebook have expensive pickup trucks.

Sam hits the nail on the head here — Screencaps (minus the IG models for some of you guys and ladies) is about a few jokes, a few crazy things going on in the world, and a few things you’re probably going to send to your friends in the group text.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Sam’s up there in his F-16 texting his boys in the fighter wing about editions of Screencaps. I’m joking! There’s no way Sam’s going to text & fly a fighter jet.

You know what? I’m saving Sam’s email and getting him on a podcast. I need to know about this whole fighter jet pilot life. Something tells me Sam has a good 45 minutes of conversation in him.

• Mike C. writes:

When it comes to social media, I only have a Facebook account and I never even opened up a Twitter account. Because of Screencaps, I was contemplating getting an Instagram account, but you deliver the content…so why open another account? BTW, I’m not a VIP member, but if you do ever start up a Email List, please add me to it.

I could continue on and write more, but for now I just wanted to “follow” you if you ever do start up an email list. I don’t want to miss out on any of your content. Screencaps is must-read for me every day when you hit publish. Thank you for the great job you are doing.


• Exactly! No need to get a social media account when I filter out all the garbage. I’ve been in these social media scumbag trenches for so long that at this point the scumbags and guys with the $70k trucks don’t bother me. They haven’t suckered me into buying a huge Ram truck yet.

• Beau in Toledo thought you guys would like the story out of Canton, OH where a guy broke into a home, went for a swim, started eating leftover chicken and then went to sleep in a guest room.

As the man left the front porch, he turned and asked whether she wanted him to pop the screen back into the front porch window.

“He acted like he wasn’t doing anything wrong!” the homeowner told a local newspaper.

• And finally this morning, don’t forget that Clay will be in Gainesville for the Alabama-Florida game and the OutKick 360 team will be there broadcasting on Saturday. I’ll be in the pool. It’s supposed to be in the upper 80s today, the lower 80s Saturday and more of the same on Sunday. We’re looking at one more pool weekend before fall officially barrels in next week.

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