Olivia Dunne Was Back In Action And Her Sister Lost Her Mind

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With the raucous crowds LSU gymnast and social media sensation Olivia Dunne has a habit of drawing, you may be surprised that she’s only competing in her first event of the year now.

Dunne hopped on the bars and scored a 9.825.

Is that good? Probably.

Whatever the case it helped LSU — ranked No. 8 in the nation — defeat No.9 Alabama by a score of 197.975-197.925.

Yeah, gymnastics scoring is wild, but all that matters is LSU won and Dunne — perhaps bolstered by the good vibes and well wishes of her millions of horn-dog fans — had a hand in it.

While she wasn’t there in person, Dunne’s older sister, Julz, was watching the meet on TV. She freaked when her sister stuck the dismount.

Olivia Dunne’s older sister Julz was losing her mind after her sister’s performance. (Instagram/livvydunne)

While Dunne is becoming a household name, and one of the highest-paid NIL athletes in the country her “forgotten” sister is starting to get some fans of her own.

How? Why? Well, howsabout we let OutKick’s Hayley Caronia explain? She will no doubt do a better job than I could (I’m still busy trying to figure out how the hell gymnastics scoring works).

Talk about doing the most with the hand you’ve been dealt. Julz could’ve easily gone full-Jan Brady and nobody would begrudge her for that.

Nope, instead, she embraced her role as a forgotten sibling and is possibly the funniest forgotten sibling since Jim Belushi (alright fine; she’s funnier).

So while Livvy may have the flips, Julz has the quips.

The younger Dunne will be back in the gym on March 3 when she and her LSU teammates will take on California, Washington, and George Washington.

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