Olivia Dunne Hits The Beach In A Bikini, Content Bender Continues

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Olivia Dunne is going to absolutely dominate this summer.

The LSU star has made a name of herself by spicing things up on social media. The gymnast and internet star has 11.5 million followers between TikTok and Instagram, and she didn’t get that massive following by being boring.

Dunne became the most famous female college athlete in America by dropping viral content like it’s going out of style.

Well, she managed to do it once again!

Olivia Dunne heads to the beach.

There shouldn’t be any doubts at all that Dunne is definitely in for a huge summer. 2022 was a banner year for the LSU star, and she’s managed to carry the momentum into 2023 by putting up more viral numbers.

Now, she hit the beach in a bikini, and made sure she chronicled the entire thing for her millions of TikTok followers.

The post above comes shortly after she released a viral video of herself doing a backflip while bikini-clad at the beach.

If I tried a backflip at the beach, I’d be in the hospital. When Dunne does it, she goes viral. I guess that’s the difference between the blog lifestyle and influencer game.


some beach-nastics to start the summer off right:) #foryou #gymnastics

♬ Aces – dkj

Dunne doesn’t know how to slow down.

Olivia Dunne has been on an absolute roll since last year, and there’s no doubt she has zero intention of slowing down.

Why would she? Her NIL valuation is through the roof and she’s making millions of dollars. Don’t hate the player, hate the game if you don’t like it.

However, this is America. In this country we celebrate making money and capitalism. Dunne has her lane carved out and she’s cashing out. Last time I checked, that’s not a bad thing. That’s what the USA is all about.

Olivia Dunne continues to go viral on a regular basis online. She posted a new video of herself at the beach in a bikini. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit)

What will Dunne do next? Only time will tell, but there’s absolutely no doubt it will generate plenty of attention. At this point, she can’t log onto TikTok without managing to make waves in the process.

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