Olivia Dunne Tells SI Swimsuit Her Most Viral Instagram, TikTok Posts: ‘Just Showing Off My Gymnastic Skills’

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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit hedged its controversies this year by featuring one of the hottest college athletes on social media.

Anytime you can get LSU gymnast and IG/TikTok influencer Olivia Dunne to grace the swimsuit edition pages, you’re guaranteed to score a win with the dude-dominated SI audience.

Olivia’s Not ‘Dunne’ Taking Over Social Media

Pictures aside, Olivia Dunne also had some insightful comments on maintaining her rein as NCAA’s highest-paid female athlete, courtesy of her booming online presence.

Speaking with SI, Livvy shared which videos resulted in her best viral hits and what’s fueling her ascension to the top of the most-watched charts.

“My most viral Instagram post is a picture of me about to mount the beam at practice,” Dunne, 20, said humbly. 

If You’re Not Team Dunne, Hop Aboard

Thanks to her massive … following, Dunne averages roughly $1 million in NIL money per year. Stats on Dunne’s earnings value each Instagram post at “$31,900 to $43,200” per promotion, according to Parade.com.

Olivia Dunne is nothing short of a hit!

“My most viral TikTok got 35.7 million views, which is crazy,” Dunne shared. I can’t even wrap my head around, but I’m just showing off my gymnastics skills.”

Despite her charming looks and performances on the gymnastics mat, Dunne still gets pushback regarding her loyal base of fans.

Even when her sex appeal gets questioned by the haters, Dunne knows how to find balance and own her assets.

How can you not be Team Dunne?

“I think it’s important to stand up for yourself,” Dunne said. “Maybe it’s the Jersey girl in me, but I think girls needed to know it wasn’t O.K., especially posting things that any other college kid would post in—a leotard—which is the required uniform for being a gymnast. It’s ridiculous.

“There’s always people who want to downplay your success and say it’s just because of how you look or it’s just luck. I don’t give that negativity too much attention because it doesn’t deserve it. If I want girls to hear my message, I need to focus on what I want to say and not waste my time getting defensive about people who don’t take the time to understand what I do.”

Olivia Dunne of LSU looks on after a PAC-12 meet against Utah at Jon M. Huntsman Center on January 06, 2023 in Salt Lake City, Utah. (Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images)

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